The Boys Season 3: will Queen Maeve and Elena get back together?

Daniel Megarry
Elena and Queen Maeve in The Boys

Happy endings aren’t common in Amazon’s hit superhero satire The Boys, but Dominique McElligott is hoping Queen Maeve and Elena get one.

Maeve spent most of Season 1 keeping her relationship with Elena – as well as her bisexuality – a secret from the rest of The Seven. She knew that team leader Homelander’s jealousy could ultimately spell doom for her love interest if he found out, and fought to keep things quiet.

Unfortunately, her secret relationship was eventually revealed during Season 2.

As a result, Homelander outed Maeve on live television, with Vought International using her sexuality as a marketing strategy alongside the hashtag #BraveMaeve.

Maeve and Homelander in The Boys
Homelander put a strain on Queen Maeve’s relationship with Elena in The Boys Season 2

Knowing that her partner’s life was at risk, Maeve concocted a plan to use incriminating footage to blackmail Homelander into leaving them both alone for good.

The footage in question came from the failed airplane rescue mission in Season 1 Episode 4. During the scene, Homelander forced Maeve to leave civilians behind to die on a crashing airplane. It was one of the show’s most harrowing moments, and would no doubt leave Homelander’s popularity plummeting.

Unfortunately, Elena found the footage before Maeve could use it for its intended purpose, leaving her questioning how many other deaths Maeve had played a part in. They broke up, and that was the last viewers saw of Elena.

Maeve and Elena in The Boys
Elena and Maeve broke up in season 2 of The Boys, but there may be hope for the future

Will Queen Maeve and Elena reunite in The Boys Season 3?

Among all the corruption and self-serving behavior displayed on The Boys, Maeve’s relationship with Elena seemed to come from a genuine place of love and honesty. Therefore, it’s not surprising that fans have been eager to see them reunite – a sentiment that’s shared by actor Dominique McElligott.

“I think the relationship between [Maeve] and Elena is complicated,” she explained in an interview with The Wrap. “I think Maeve has a deep love for Elena and no matter what, she’s going to protect her, whether or not they are together.

“That part is irrelevant to her, because Maeve considers Elena to be her family. And that world that Maeve has lived in within the Vought corporation as this superhero, she doesn’t have very many people, so Elena to her is very important.

“I don’t know what Season 3 is going to bring with regards to that. And even if I knew I couldn’t tell you. But hopefully, we’ll see Elena again.”

While fans may have a while to wait until Season 3 of The Boys arrives on their screens, there’s already plenty of teasing and speculation about what we can expect – and you can get up to speed with everything we know here.