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The Boys’ actor hints at Black Noir’s possible fate in Season 2

Published: 9/Oct/2020 22:47

by Theo Salaun


The actor for Black Noir, one of the most mysterious characters in The Boys, has alluded to the anti-hero’s potential fate following the end of the Amazon Prime series’ successful second season.

If you haven’t watched Season 2: Episode 7 of The Boys and you, one day, intend to, then go ahead and stop reading here. It is impossible to dabble in character speculation without revealing certain character happenings, so be warned: some spoilers lie ahead.


While Black Noir is a notoriously silent character, his actor, Nathan Mitchell, has been more candid in opening up about the potential fate of his stealthy member of The Seven. With fans dying, pun intended, to know what may happen to the anti- or quasi-hero following his exposure to an Almond Joy candy bar, Mitchell has given some faint hints.

As a brief recap, in Episode 7 of the second season, Queen Maeve stops Noir’s relentless attack on Starlight by pulling his mask up (giving fans their first look at his face, even if it’s just a chin) and stuffing his mouth with an Almond Joy. Thereafter, she reveals to Starlight that the spooky sneakster is deathly allergic to tree nuts.

black noir the boys
Amazon Prime
The masked, all-black, and ever-stealthy, Black Noir.

In the scene, Black Noir appears to go into anaphylactic shock and is presumed dead. But, with Season 3 on the horizon, Mitchell was reluctant to specifically confirm that his character had met his demise. 

In an interview with Cinema Blend, he explained that, although the allergy is deadly, it was not enough to fully kill off the masked menace: 

“You know, having an allergic reaction that severe is pretty dangerous, and it can be fatal. So what I would say is Black Noir is knocked out pretty good. Anaphylaxis is really dangerous, and it pretty much took him up to the edge. When we hear about him in Episode 8, he’s referred to as kind of being like a vegetable. You know, he’s not that far gone, but like, he’s incapacitated. He came very close to death, and so that’s a very real, real threat to him.”


While fans have, in the midst of confusion over the character’s future, enjoyed laughing at what a surprising Kryptonite he has — Mitchell is less jovial about the matter. In another interview, he revealed that the script is actually based on his real-life allergy to tree nuts, which fellow actor, Karl Urban, pushed to be included in the show.

Mitchell hopes that demonstrating the perils associated with allergies can serve as a legitimizing force, but, in the case of his character, those perils appear unlikely to prevent a return in Season 3.

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Star Wars insider drops big spoiler on Ahsoka’s Mandalorian S2 appearance

Published: 13/Oct/2020 17:20

by Michael Gwilliam


Star Wars fanatics hoping for some more news on the popular character Ahsoka Tano ahead of The Mandalorian Season 2 should strap themselves in, because an insider has leaked huge news.

Ahsoka has been a fan-favorite since the days of Star Wars Clone Wars and eventually continued her story arc into Rebels. Now, while it had already been confirmed that Ahsoka would be in The Mandalorian, we have new info about just how big her role will be.


In a now-deleted tweet, reporter and insider John Campea posted a list of five things about The Mandalorian Season 2, including a claim that Ahsoka would have a small scene in a single episode.

He noted that one of the five things he posted was a lie, but when questioned about whether the Ahsoka info wasn’t truthful, he claimed that, “you had a 20% chance of guessing which one wasn’t true… and you didn’t get it.”

John Campea confirms Ahsoka
John Campea seemed to confirm Ahsoka will be in Season 2.

This suggests that Ahsoka will in fact have a small role, however, the length of the scene may be a bit controversial.

According to Campea, Ahsoka will be in only “one episode” and it’s not exactly a “cameo.”

So, for fans hoping for a little more than just a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene, you’re going to have to wait for another show or movie.

Campea on Ahsoka
Ahsoka isn’t exactly a “cameo” according to insider John Campea.

“I think you’ll be happy regardless,” Campea wrote to a fan not pleased with the news. “One episode and all.”

As for when she will appear, as Dexerto previously noted, Dave Filoni inked the season’s fifth episode and Ahsoka is his favorite, having introduced her way back in The Clone Wars.

Star Wars and Disney have pulled off small interconnected semi-cameos from animated shows before. For example, the Ghost from Rebels is seen briefly in Rogue One.

Campea says fans will be happy with Ahsoka in Mandalorian
Campea thinks fans will still be happy she shows up.

As always, take this information with a grain of salt, especially as it comes from a deleted tweet, but nonetheless, this is big news for Star Wars fans if it ends up being accurate.

The Mandalorian Season 2 kicks off October 30 on Disney Plus.