The Boys viewers think Homelander can be killed in many different ways

Brianna Reeves
the boys kill homelander

Fans have outlined the many ways The Boys could kill Homelander as the show’s fourth season approaches its end.

Taking out Homelander remains the driving force behind The Boys‘ overarching plot. The problem is that the evil Superman analogue seemingly has no weaknesses, and every attempt made by the titular team has failed tremendously.

Notably, the Season 4 narrative positions the supe-killing virus from Gen V as a possible solution. But other theories have some fans convinced that a virus isn’t The Boy’s only option.

Reddit user UnionInteresting8453 compiled a list of “all the ways” The Boys could kill Homelander. Of course, the aforementioned virus has been mentioned, though the Season 4 Episode 6 revelation that it could kill all supes may take it off the table.

The Redditor also pointed to Soldier Boy, Gen V’s Cate, Victoria Neuman, a nuke, Ryan, and sheer brute force as alternative possibilities.

the boys kill homelander

In the thread, fans agreed Soldier Boy could probably eliminate Homelander. The theory that Cate could touch the cape-clad supe and have him kill himself has doubters, though. After all, the strength of her mind control powers remains unspecified.

Such doubts similarly apply to the idea that Neuman should “blow his head up” with her abilities. However, The Boys could benefit from recruiting Marie, especially if she and Neuman agreed to combine their powers in an attempt to kill Homelander.

Fans have also considered a couple of “brute force” options, one based on Queen Maeve hitting him hard enough to make him bleed in Season 3. The thinking is that perhaps “an army of Supes and Temp V soldiers” could bring him down.

Additionally, Tek Knight’s super-powered suit from the comics leads some to believe similar technology would work against Homelander in the show.

the boys kill homelander

Bringing his son, Ryan, into the mix seems another solid path forward, yet The Boys has more or less sidelined the plan given his youth.

Meanwhile, a nuke seems too farfetched since Homelander could destroy it with ease. Yet, nuking his “insides” comes up quite often given the ongoing virus talk.

Poisoning the milk he drinks may have a chance to work, and some viewers already think the unassuming Firecracker may constitute a Trojan horse in this regard.

“I think Ashley is using Firecracker against Homelander. Imagine the genius of getting a Female Supe to take specialized drugs to induce lactation… that makes her milk addicting and poisonous to Homelander,” reads one such theory.

For now, Homelander’s fate remains a mystery as there are no certainties about whether or not he’ll die in Season 4. And since Season 5 will mark the show’s final outing, the possibilities span far and wide.