The Boys may release “comic accurate” spinoff after Season 4

Jessica Cullen
Chace Crawford as The Deep in The Boys

A new rumor surrounding a potential The Boys spinoff suggests that the comic books could get more of the spotlight.

The Boys Season 4 will land very soon, joining the rest of June’s incredible TV slate. The ultra-violent cautionary tale of superhero consumerism continues to grow, and according to one recent rumor shared to the show’s Reddit, the live-action Prime Video series is just the beginning.

We’ve already had Gen V, the high school-set Boys spinoff, and The Boys Presents: Diabolical, an animated anthology that took place in the world of the live-action series. But according to one fan, there’s another cartoon series in the works, and they say it’ll be the closest adaption to The Boys comic books yet.

The original post wrote: “One of my buddies who works at Amazon just let me know that a comic accurate cartoon of The Boys is in the works and has been for a while, being animated by the same folks who did that ‘I’m Your Pusher’ episode of Diabolical. It will be a mini-series, not a full retelling, more like a ‘Greatest Hits’ from the comics.

“Same voice actors for the most part, Huey will be voiced by Simon Pegg. They’ll probably make an announcement sometime after Season 4, maybe around the fall with a release next year around summer time.”

The episode of Diabolical mentioned (Episode 3: ‘I’m Your Pusher’) was set within the universe of the comic books. The connection to Simon Pegg comes from the fact that Pegg wrote the foreward for an edition of the first six issues of the comic books. In fact, the comic’s design of Huey is based on Pegg.

With no official word on an animated version of The Boys, it’s safe to say that this is purely a rumor for now. But it’s enough to get fans talking about what a comic-book accurate version of The Boys could look like, and not everyone is happy with the idea.

“The current show is better than the comic in almost every conceivable way, and I say that as a fan of the comic,” said one comment. “I have no idea why this would be a thing anyone wants.”

“I hope not,” another user wrote. “The Boys comic is legit awful and disgusting. The show changed everything in a positive way.”

A third added: “This is a good way to kill The Boys, considering how unpleasant and at times badly written the comic was.”

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on The Boys and any further spinoff news. For now, why not check out our guide to all The Boys cameos in Gen V, and see what new TV shows you should stream this month.

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