The Bear star addresses chances of Sydney & Carmy romance

Cameron Frew
Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White in The Bear Season 2FX/Hulu

Will Carmy and Sydney ever get together in The Bear? After Season 2, it’s all some fans want – and now Ayo Edebiri has addressed their shipping.

In the first season of The Bear, Carmy is a wreck; he leaves a world of fine dining and brutal excellence to run his late brother’s sandwich shop in downtown Chicago, and he’s surrounded by salt-of-the-earth staff who can’t seem to grasp his aspirations for something more than tasty food and dirty floors.

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Except Sydney. She gets it… perhaps a little too much, quickly grating on Carmy with her ideas for bold new dishes and management strategy, and after screaming in her face in the penultimate episode, they reconcile by the end of the season.

In Season 2, neither are much better – but they’re getting there, and they clearly share some sort of spiritual kinship; it’s not necessarily romantic, but they seem to be the suns around which they both orbit. The Bear fans want Carmy and Syd to end up together, but will it ever happen?

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The Bear star delivers bad news for Carmy and Syd Romance

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strikes, Ayo Edebiri said the fan theories are “frustrating”, as much as she’s delighted to see people so invested in the show.

“It’s really not our thought process when we’re making the show, and I understand it can be part of a show’s culture — but I don’t think they’re going to get what they want,” she said.

Carmy and Sydney in The BearFX/Hulu

It’s not a case of Edebiri rejecting the idea of Carmy and Syd together – it’s Carmy being with anyone at all, at least right now. “It’s TV, do you want to see Walter White go to therapy and then reunite with his family? I love this little f*cked up guy in the kitchen. Or wait, this messed-up guy,” she joked.

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Molly Gordon, who made her debut in Season 2 as Carmy’s love interest Claire, also doesn’t back the shippers, but said: “I think it’s incredibly cool to have this dynamic onscreen that isn’t romantic, but that feels charged and sexy.”

Speaking to Variety, Jeremy Allen White reaffirmed that their relationship is beautiful, but platonic. “Of course there is love and and respect in this relationship. There’s admiration and I hope that even in platonic relationships, you are able to say things like, ‘I need you.’ When they speak to each other under the table in episode nine, it’s such a beautiful scene. It is a scene about partnership, but not a romantic partner,” he said.

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When asked about the scene in which he thinks of Sydney while having a panic attack, White explained: “Syd and Carmy do things for one another. She is a source of peace and focus for him and, at times, he can be a source of inspiration and dependability. Sometimes he can’t.”

The Bear Seasons 1-2 are streaming now. Check out our breakdown of the show’s cast here, its incredible soundtrack here, and what we know about Season 3 here.

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