Boba Fett star teases Avengers-style team-up in Dave Filoni’s Star Wars movie

Boba Fett Mandalorian Bo Katan togetherDisney | Reddit: u/SebinoE

With Dave Filoni’s master plans now public and the ‘Mandoverse’ set to culminate in a feature film down the line, Dexerto spoke with Boba Fett himself, Temuera Morrison, to not only get his thoughts on what lies ahead, but glean insight on the iconic bounty hunter’s involvement.

Earlier this month Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy spoiled Star Wars fanatics with a deluge of announcements at the Europe Celebration event. From new Disney+ trailers to the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey, it was certainly a memorable convention. Though among the stream of news was the reveal of Dave Filoni’s very own movie.

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After years helping lead many of the franchise’s most popular series, be it Rebels or The Mandalorian, the now canonized cowboy hat-wearing storyteller is setting his sights on his biggest project yet. Set to tie a conclusive bow on what’s being coined the ‘Mandoverse,’ wrapping years of interlinked narratives together, the film is purported to culminate Mando, Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, and perhaps any other imminent spinoffs too, all in one epic sitting.

So while the news is fresh and this conclusion is years away, Dexerto sat down with none other than Temuera Morrison to get his thoughts on the adventure ahead. In an exclusive interview at Supanova Melbourne, the New Zealander teased what fans may be able to expect from the project.

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Boba Fett and The Mandalorian togetherDisney
While we’ve already seen Din Djarin and Boba Fett share some screen time, Filoni’s feature film could bring even more iconic Star Wars characters together.

“There was talk at the recent Celebration… they were getting a group together,” Morrison said with a smile. “It sounds a bit like Avengers if you ask me.

“I guess with [John Favreau’s] experience making Iron Man, subsequently the Marvel Universe exploded… so it would be the logical thing for them to do.”

Funnily enough, it appears the Star Wars legend found out about Filoni’s plans along with the rest of the world just a few weeks ago. At this point in time, no deals have been struck, agreements made, or contracts signed to lock in Boba Fett’s appearance in the movie. And while it certainly seems inevitable, Morrison joked he “better be in it. I better be a part of that whole thing.

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“I think they’re just sorting themselves out at the moment. There’s quite a bit of content, they just finished Ahsoka, that’s looking very good. So I think they have to work with Disney to see which ones they’re gonna push, which ones they might shelve. There’s plenty of time to have shelf life right?”

Morrison is always eager to don the helmet and appear in Star Wars content wherever possible.

While a second season of his own show, The Book of Boba Fett, hasn’t yet been made official, it also seems all but guaranteed, especially given the official Star Wars website’s recent blog, referring to Din Djarin’s appearance in “the first season.” And for Morrison, 21 years on from his first appearance in Attack of the Clones, any opportunity to put the helmet back on is one he’s fully willing to embrace.

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“It’s just a real big buzz for me to get the call to play this guy after the year 2000 when I played Jango in Sydney. I remember doing Jango Fett and at the same time, I was making a TV show in Sydney. I was having so much fun,” he said, implying he didn’t quite soak up the opportunity on the first go around.

“So having the chance to come back and play Boba, gave me another chance to get the helmet on, and I wanted to do a good job, I was there early every day. That was the big thing for me, to have a chance to do it again, not many people do that 20 years later.”

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As for when we might next see the bounty hunter in action, all remains under wraps for the time being. Though it’s safe to expect plenty more Boba Fett in the years to come as Filoni and Favreau bring their plans to life both on Disney+ and the big screen.