Sweet Home Season 2 reveals truth behind Sang-won

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Lee Jin-uk as Pyeon Sang-wook in Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 8.

Amidst the ongoing apocalyptic monster chaos, Sweet Home Season 2 unveils a portion of the staggering truth behind Nam Sang-won.

Who is Sang-won? He’s Yi-kyung’s fiancé who she presumes he’s dead in the first season while the monster outbreak occurs. But throughout the season, there’s a mystery behind him. He’s a scientist and Yi-kyung is determined to find him after learning he may be alive.

Sooner rather than later, there’s an inclination that he has something to do with the outbreak. During the Season 1 K-drama finale, Yi-kyung returns to be a part of the military with them saying her work is far from over.

Going into Sweet Home Season 2, more of the mystery unravels as monsters evolve, and the introduction of Dr. Lim. The K-drama cliffhanger truth behind Sang-won is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sweet Home Season 2 reveals true identity of Sang-won

Lee Jin-wook as Ui-myeong in Sweet Home Season 2

During the finale, Dr. Lim is cornered by Ui-myeong in MH-1’s lab, the original test subject. Ui-myeong reveals the shocking truth that he is Sang-won, and has been since Season 1.

In Sweet Home Season 2, fans do meet Sang-won but as a sickly and unresponsive version within an incubation tub in the lab. He’s pale, slim, and covered in scars and tubing. His importance is unclear but does have a connection to Dr. Lim and the government’s experiments on monsters.

By the finale of the K-drama, the truth is revealed and changes the outlook of Season 1, Ah-yi, and future Season 3. Dr. Lim is back in the destroyed lab and sees a hooded figure. He follows him to MH-1’s room. MH-1 was the very first test subject before the big outbreak. Flashbacks reveal Dr. Lim sawing off someone’s hand wearing a lab coat and taking blood samples.

Fans are aware the hooded figure is Ui-myeong. He begins to tell Dr. Lim he’s worried he’s forgotten about him and needs to say hello to an old friend. Using his powers he reveals Sang-won within a vat of liquid before it shatters and falls on Dr. Lim.

Sweet Home Season 2 reveals that Ui-myeong has been Sang-won all along. He gave himself up as the first test subject after noticing his monster symptoms.

The Sang-won reveal will change the K-drama

The new revelation about Sang-won changes the outlook of Sweet Home going back to Season 1. In the first season, Ui-myeong arrives at Green Home with a gang of thugs. He’s using them for his own advantage to find a more special breed of monsters – like Han-soo.

Fans may remember Ui-myeong’s explanation of his past. He tells Han-soo that he willingly gave himself up to the government for experimentation. No matter how much of his body they sawed off or cut, the monster within him couldn’t be removed.

He soon realizes he is the monster. With his abilities, he’s able to remove himself from one host body into another. The big caveat of Ui-myeong is his agenda. He wants a new world order where monsters are in charge and led by special breeds like him and Han-soo. He’s a form of antagonist in Sweet Home.

The revelation also changes the outlook on Ah-yi. She’s after all Yi-kyung and Sang-won’s daughter as Yi-kyung was pregnant during Season 1. But Sweet Home Season 2 had the baby as a born monster. The first of her kind with the ability to self-heal and activate the monster gene within humans.

Knowing Ah-yi was likely born because of the monster gene within Sang-won, she will play a huge role in Season 3. It’s also likely she will be the key to her father’s grand plan, and give more insight into the reborn monster/humans like Eun-hyuk.

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