First look at Squid Game Season 2 finally revealed

Gabriela Silva
Lee Jung-jae in Squid Game 2

The time has finally come for the continuation of the K-drama that swept the word – Squid Game Season 2 as Netflix unveiled an official first look at the return of Seong Gi-hun.

It’s been two years since the global sensation K-drama Squid Game. A K-drama with a storyline that breaks down the hidden world of capitalism as 456 players desperate for money battle to the death in a series of childhood games.

Squid Game became the most-awarded K-drama in history breaking free into Hollywood with creator Hwang Dong-hyuk establishing a second season. The new season has been on everyone’s radar as it would continue the story of Gi-hun right where the cliffhanger ending left off.

A man changed by the brutality he faced in the Games, Gi-hun wants revenge and to dismantle the system. After a long wait, Netflix has finally released a first-look at Squid Game Season 2.

Gi-hun returns for Squid Game Season 2

A first look at Squid Game Season 2 takes place after the first season finale with Gi-hun at the airport.

During the K-drama finale, Gi-hun now sees the world differently after having survived the Games. While learning the truth about 001 he realizes the world has always been evil, right under everyone’s noses. He tries to move on with life and gives away some of the cash prizes to his friends’ families.

The biggest change was when Gi-hun died his hair red and was ready to go to the airport to leave to see his daughter. As he’s waiting, he sees the Salesman back into his tricks to recruit another player. The Games are still going on.

Dismayed and shocked by what he sees he goes after him and stops the new recruit from using the phone card. Instead, Gi-hun calls the number as he’s seconds away from boarding the plane. He’s told not to get any ideas. Squid Game originally ended with Gi-hun abandoning his plans to see his daughter, turning around, and leaving determined to put an end to the Games.

Squid Game 2 was announced to continue right where the cliffhanger left off. Gi-hun would hunt down answers to the creation of the Games, and the people responsible, and stop it for good. The new season was also announced to bring back the Front Man, the Salesman, and Hwang Jun-ho.

Netflix has also released the first images for Squid Game Season 2. Fans can see Gi-hun will loose the bright red hair and come face to face with the Salesman. Another image reveals one of the Games’ guards, but in a nightclub setting. Could it be that Gi-hun found a clue?

The new season will also include a new cast, including Celebrity and Sweet Home star Park Gyu-young. Netflix revealed a first look at her character while holding the phone card. Based on the image, she either will become a player or also knows something about the Games.

Squid Game Season 2 is scheduled to release in late 2024.

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