Succession finale trailer teases Roy family armageddon

Cameron Frew
Shiv in the Succession finale

The Succession finale is on the horizon, and going by the new trailer, not a single member of the Roy family is going to escape unscathed.

In the first episode of Succession in 2018, we were introduced to the brattiest members of the elite in America, squabbling over arbitrary power in their family empire, and the pilot closed with Logan Roy collapsing from a stroke.

Last night, the penultimate chapter of the show revolved around the patriarch’s funeral. The scars of backstabbings are plentiful at this point, but barely anything has changed: the kids are still at odds with one another, all hungry for control of Waystar Royco.

Next week, HBO’s landmark drama will come to an end. It’s a television event worthy of hype and dread, and the first trailer sets up a final Battle Roy-al.

Succession finale trailer drops – and we’re not ready

Check out the trailer for the Succession finale below:

The trailer blends footage of the kids from the opening title sequence with clips of Kendall, Roman, Shiv, and Logan. “I know we’ve said the worst things, but I just wanted to get a few things straight,” Shiv says, presumably talking to Tom after their fraught dynamic over the past weeks.

“Dad said that it would be me,” Roman says, but Kendall has a counter-proposal: “If we want to hold onto this company for us, we have to go into battle with our own version of the future… with a king.”

Episode 9 will come equipped with a feature-length runtime, but the central event of the finale is expected to be the GoJo/Waystar board meeting, where characters will “cut sh*t close to the bone” and “get right f*cking in there… it’s going to get nasty,” Lukas Matsson warns.

Succession Season 4 Episodes 1-9 are streaming on HBO and Sky now. Episode 10 will be available to watch on May 28 in the US and May 29 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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