Succession Season 4 finale has feature-length runtime

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We’re past the halfway point with Succession – the finale is very much on the horizon, and Season 4 is closing out the show with a long feature-length runtime.

There’s a lot at stake with Succession Season 4: its final chapter either earns the show a spot in the echelon of truly great television, like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, or it goes the way of Game of Thrones, in which it’ll need a spinoff a few years later to win fans’ forgiveness.

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Fortunately, all signs are pointing towards the series sticking the landing, with its first six episodes operating at the peak of the show’s powers to date.

With just a few weeks left, some viewers may be wondering if the last-ever episode will be a bit longer than all the rest – and they’d be right.

Succession finale runtime revealed

The final episode of Succession will have a 90-minute runtime. It’s titled ‘With Open Eyes’.

This is far and away the longest episode in the show’s four-season run, a whole 16 minutes longer than the Season 2 finale that previously held the record.

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The runtime was shared on social media today, May 1, after HBO released details of its schedule for the coming weeks. Everyone seems to be delighted about the episode’s length, but there’s another consensus: nobody wants it to end.

“We’re about to be served with the gaggery of the millennium,” one joked. “We are eating good,” another wrote. “I am not prepared for this,” a third tweeted. “Stop using ‘last episode’ and ‘Succession’ in one sentence, please. I have anxiety,” a fourth joked.

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Succession Season 4 Episodes 1-6 are streaming on HBO and Sky now. Episode 7 will be available to watch on May 7 in the US and May 8 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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