Argentina took Sex Education Season 4 promo to explicit new level

Jasmine Valentine
Eric and Otis at Cavendish College in Sex EducationNetflix

Fans had the giant raunchy billboard on the BFI IMAX in London – but across the world, Netflix’s promo for Sex Education Season 4 stepped it up a notch.

It’s a hard moment for many viewers to process, but Sex Education has finally come to an end with Season 4.

Otis (Asa Butterfield), Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), Maeve (Emma Mackey), and the gang are now heading their separate ways, but that doesn’t mean that the show hasn’t gone out with a bang – you can read our full review for the latest season here.

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Even though all new episodes are now available to stream, the global hype for Season 4 is still making itself known.

Sex Education Season 4 promo gets explicit in Argentina

Fans of Sex Education in Argentina found an incredibly memorable way for them to remember to tune in.

While walking down the street, two fans were greeted with a Sex Education-branded car – completed with the simulation of people having sex inside it.

Although the windows of the car are all obscured, the vehicle in question appears to be making fairly explicit noises, alongside the rear of the car moving up and down. Reflecting a lover’s lane feel to its marketing, Sex Education fans shouldn’t expect any similar car sex scenes in the new season.

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Fans speak up on Sex Education Season 4

Unlike the explicit car advert, some fans have noticed that cars are almost never featured in the new season.

“The role of bikes in the TV show Sex Education is fantastic,” one viewer posts. “Idyllic bike paths, car-free schools, beautifully colored bike racks. Made me realize they didn’t discuss it in @TheWarOnCars episode about Hollywood hating bikes. (However all the adult characters drive cars.)”

“Watching Sex Education and all I can think about is do they have roads just for bikes? They’re so narrow, have no lines and I’ve seen no cars!” added another.

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For other viewers, the main plotlines in the new season were too emotional to get over.

“I just finished season 4 of #sexeducation and I have to say, I feel like Otis treated Ruby HORRIBLY throughout the entire season and nobody is talking about it,” one fan added, with another commenting: “Only one more episode of Sex Education Season 4 to go. I honestly don’t know how to process this lot. It’s such a strange yet beautiful feeling. And this still is from episode 6 — possibly one of the best from the whole show.”

Sex Education is streaming on Netflix now. Check out our other coverage below:

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