Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Ending explained: What happened to Scott?

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Scott Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off voiced by Michael Sera.Netflix

Netflix Scott Pilgrim Takes Off anime makes a big deviation from the 2010 live-action movie and takes Scott on a wild ride between the past and future by the ending.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is only the basis for Bryan O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski’s anime series. Fans will find themselves with a jaw-dropping surprise at the end of the first episode that catapults the rest of the season into the unknown.

Don’t worry, the storyline still focuses on Scott falling in love with Ramona and having to meet her seven evil exes. But as said in Dexerto’s review of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, the big storyline changes made to Scott’s story are a welcome change.

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With so many storylines and details to go over, here’s a breakdown of the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending that will blow fans’s minds. Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Is Scott really dead?

No. During his battle with Matthew Patel, Scott seemingly dies and leaves behind some coins. But by the ending of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, it’s revealed Future Scott was trying to stop him from marrying Ramona.

In Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 7, the whole story of what happened to Scott is revealed. He didn’t die during the battle with Patel. He was actually “kidnapped” through a green portal at just the right moment. By who? His future self. With the help of The Twins, they opened a portal in the hopes of changing Scott’s fate with Ramona. Future Scott explains that he wanted to stop his old self from being with her.

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In the future, they stayed together but drifted apart after their marriage and eventually divorced. The whole ordeal left future Scott heartbroken. One day, he took Wallace’s advice on time travel too literally. Wallace then takes Scott to meet Future Ramona to fix everything. She too reveals that she was responsible for Young Neil’s movie script in the hopes Scott would know the truth if Future Scott succeded in his plan.

In the end, she takes him back to his time. But Scott and Ramona learn there’s a force field stopping them from kissing and being together. Thinking it’s one of the evil exes, they plan to defeat them at the musical version of the movie. But none of the exes want to win Ramona back.

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During the musical, Gideon wants revenge against Patel and sets up a bomb to ruin his big night on stage. All the characters are transported to an odd future dimension when it detonates. The real villain? Future Future Scott. Despite the force field and his best efforts, Scott and Ramona still end up together.

He hatches a new plan and gets super buff to defeat Scott and even Ramona once and for all. All of the characters join forces to fight him, but he’s too strong. But Future Future Ramona comes to confront Future Future Scott about going AWOL for 10 years.

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She makes him realize she just needed space and could have fought for her, but Ramona says it’s too late. Real Ramona questions if she’s just meant to move on from Scott. She soon realizes her past with her exes was because she couldn’t love and choose herself. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’s ending has Ramona choose herself, kiss future Ramona, and become Super Ramona. She chooses Scott.

They return to their time and kiss. In the epilogue, Ramona becomes a stunt double, Sex Bob-omb is doing well, Todd and Roxy become friends, Lucas works at a coffee shop, and Wallace goes to Paris and meets someone. The anime ends with Roxy not dying her hair and meeting the others.

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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is available to stream on Netflix

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