Scott Pilgrim Takes Off explained: Do Ramona and Scott end up together?

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The Scott Pilgrim franchise is based on the relationship between Ramona and Scott, but do they end up together in the anime?

If you’re into cult classic movies, chances are you know of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, directed by Edgar Wright, and based on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Now, Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers are back for the anime series, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, which has landed on Netflix today, directed by BenDavid Grabinski along with writer and original creator O’Malley. The series follows this synopsis: “After meeting the woman of his dreams, a charming musician finds himself contending with an army of her ex-boyfriends.”

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As we’ve put in other explainers and our review of the show, the relationship between Ramona and Scott goes a little differently in the show than it does in the movie. But do they end up together? Let’s get into it, but first: MAJOR SPOILER WARNING FOR SCOTT PILGRIM TAKES OFF!

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending explained

We’re going to assume you’ve watched the first few episodes of the anime and speed our way to the ending. But if not, the key points you need to know is that when fighting Mathew Patel in Episode 1, Scott appears to die. Then, Ramona figures out that he’s alive in Episode 2, and spends a large portion of the series figuring out where he is and who took him.

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Ramona goes through a number of suspects, mainly the League of Evil Exes. However, it turns out that none of them took him, or at least, didn’t take him for their own gain. Simultaneously, Knives reveals that Young Neil didn’t write the in-universe meta screenplay of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, which plays out the events of the movie, as another hooded figure did.

And the culprit of both problems actually happens to be: Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers themselves.

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This Scott is from the future, and he actually requested the Katayanagi twins to portal current-day Scott away from Ramona, as he didn’t want the two of them ending up together. It’s revealed that what happens in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World did really happen to him. He went on to marry Ramona, but this ultimately ended in divorce. In the wake of this, Older Scott was attempting to prevent Younger Scott from dating Ramona in the first place.

Do Scott and Ramona end up together?

Yes, in the anime series, they do. Obviously, this was going to be a discussion piece for fans, as the movie actually had multiple potential endings, generally opting for them not ending up together.

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As we state in our 4-star review of the series, “The anime does a much better job at creating chemistry between the pair, and while we won’t spoil the ending, this show prioritizes their feelings toward one another rather than Scott’s, far more than the movie did.” Here, we will spoil the ending!

Turns out that the movie script was actually written by an Older Ramona, to both remind Scott (who shows up unharmed throughout all of this) of their love and go against Older Scott attempting to erase their story. They show up to the musical of the movie premiere (with Younger Scott hidden in Ramona’s bag) where the whole League is also residing, but turns out that’s not who the pair have to fight.

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In the final episode of the series, titled “The World vs Scott Pilgrim,” we get a showdown between Scott, Ramona, the League, and Even Older Scott, who is furious that the younger pair are still choosing to stay together. He’s also been heavily training to defeat them for good, and after bringing all the main characters to another dimension and forming an Anti-Kiss field, he brings his rage down upon everyone there, as according to him “Winning didn’t change anything. We still end up marrying Ramona; inexplicably!”

The fight is a major brawl, until eventually it’s just Ramona, Scott, and Even Older Scott left. Scott is determined not to end up like Even older Scott, demanding that his elder let him live his life. But Even Older Scott keeps going on about how this future is set, to the point where even Ramona starts questioning whether she wants to be with someone who would turn into this villain.

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However, the fight is interrupted by Even Older Ramona, who yells at Even Older Scott for running off and doing all this damage after “One rough patch.” They weren’t even divorced, she still loved him, though his actions have destroyed any hope for reconciliation now.

Younger Ramona realizes that she’s run away from everything she’s ever loved, and she still seems to be doing it. So she hugs older Ramona, saying “I choose you,” and the pair fuse into Super Ramona, and send Even Older Scott back home.

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Super Ramona overcomes the Anti-Kiss field and says to Scott that she loves him, and she won’t run away this time. Back in the theatre, the pair kiss, sparks fly and they leave holding hands. The final shot is of them smiling at each other, with Ramona having freshly dyed her hair.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is now available to stream on Netflix. Check out our other coverage below:

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