Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: Ramona’s relationships with her exes explained

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League of Evil Exes in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off including Lucas Lee.Netflix

The pinnacle of Scott Pilgrim’s storyline is having to defeat all of Ramon Flowers’s seven evil exes. In Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, the anime delves a bit deeper into Ramona’s relationships with them.

Bryan O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski’s Netflix anime focuses the attention again from the original graphic novels and the 2010 movie on Scott falling in love with Ramona. The anime takes it further by expanding the universe and giving a bit more details about her past relationships.

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Her seven evil exes were Matthew Patel, Lucas Lee, Todd Ingram, Gideon Graves, Roxy Richter, and twins Kyle and Ken Katayanagi. All of which have their own set of powers and desire to win Ramona’s heart back.

Unlike the 2010 movie, fans get a lot more backstories to the League of Evil Exes that help develop them as more than just simple ex-boyfriends. Here’s a deep dive into how they met and feel for Ramona.

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Matthew Patel

While performing with his band, Scott encounters his first evil ex, Matthew Patel. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off does follow almost the same explanation Ramona gives of their school romance.

First evil ex Matthew Patel in Scott Pilgrim Takes OffNetflix

Sex Bob-Omb is dominating the Battle of the Bands when he is suddenly attacked by Patel. In the 2010 movie, Ramona explains they dated in the seventh grade. It was football season and all the kid jocks liked her. Breaking from the norm, she dated the only non-jock, non-white boy in town. The two destroyed the football team and shared one kiss. Ramona then told Patel to take a hike after a week and a half.

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Comically, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has Ramona give an almost exact verbatim explanation of her and Patel’s relationship. She adds that Patel got evil in high school, but was already living far away.

Lucas Lee

Chris Evans played the famous yet no-so-great Hollywood actor Lucas Lee and one of Ramona’s seven evil exes. In Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Lucas Lee has a more heartbreaking story with Ramona.

Lucas Lee and Ramona in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

In the 2010 movie, Ramona and Scott visit Lucas Lee’s film set. Thus beginning the next battle with her evil ex. Scott is amazed that she dated a famous person, but Ramona sets the record straight that they dated in ninth grade. She remembers there being a lot of drama and Lee being a snot-nosed kid who followed her around.

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But in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Lee’s story is more emotional. At this point, Scott is presumed dead and Lee is playing him in Youn Neil’s movie. After a fight with ninja paparazzi, Ramona lends him a hand saying she’s always helped him. A flashback occurs of a teen Ramona watching Lee take a bad fall from his skateboard.

She goes to help him and puts a bandaid over his wound. But Lee explains that Ramona broke his heart and left him. Coincidently the scene shows her walking with Todd. In return, Lee took his broken heart and vowed to become a successful actor and skateboarder.

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Todd Ingram

Like the movie and graphic novels, Todd Ingram is a super vegan and happens to be dating Scott’s ex-girlfriend Envy Adams. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off makes a few tweaks from the 2010 movie about his relationship with Ramona.

Todd Ingram in Scott Pilgrim Takes OffNetflix

Ramona dated Lucas Lee only until she set her eyes on Todd. Even she admits that was wrong of her to do. In the movie, she tells Scott that they hated everyone and would destroy things for fun. The reason why she breaks up with Todd is a bit different than the anime.

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Todd tells her that his father is sending him to Vegan Academy, and in return, Ramona breaks up with him. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has Ramona explain he arrived at her school in junior year. A difference is that Todd told her his true love was back in Canada and he liked to live his life fast. It meant a lot of sloppy make-outs. Ramona doesn’t exactly say why or how she breaks up with him.

The anime and 2010 movie do have Todd’s backstory of punching a hole in the moon for Ramona.

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Roxy Richter

Out of all the seven evil exes, Ramona only dates one woman – Roxy Ritcher. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off gives a bit more of an explanation behind their relationship in college.

Roxy Richter in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off animeNetflix

While at a club, Scott meets Roxy Richter, Ramona’s only LGBTQ ex. Scott comes to the shocking realization that they dated, but Ramona only calls it a “phase” and a product of being bi-curious. She also divulges that her weak spot while they made out was the back of her knee.

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In the Netflix anime, there are a bit more details but the overall concept is the same. Roxy arrives at the video store hoping to with Ramona back. The anime doesn’t fully explain their story. But in scenes of their time together, they were college roommates and started a relationship.

In context, Roxy seemed to have fallen harder than Ramona. Ramona realizes this and apologizes. New scenes show Ramona moving out without saying goodbye to Roxy. After resolving their problems, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has Kim Pine and Roxy kiss.

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Kyle and Ken Katayanagi

In the 2010 movie, not much is known about Kyle and Ken Katayanagi’s relationship with Ramona. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off details their story from the graphic novel and how Ramona used them.

In the anime, the twins met Ramona while in college. They were here TAs for her Robotics 101 class. Ramona describes Ken is 10 second solder and Kyle being a hot head in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. She met them during her second semester and the twins saw her as “fresh meat.”

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Having been playboys and not leaving Ramona alone, she dated both of them at the same time. Ramona explains she got some satisfaction from it. She played them the way they were playing her. But by the end of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, neither of the twins hold a grudge against each other for what Ramona did.

Gideon Graves

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off doesn’t give much backstory on how Ramona met Gideon. The most she explains is how conceited and self-absorbed he was.

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Gideon and Patel in Scott Pilgrim Takes OffNetflix

Gideon’s story takes a unique twist in the anime. He’s still #7 on the exes list, but he loses his role as leader of the League of Evil Exes after a battle with Patel. Losing everything, he finds Julie Powers. It’s revealed she knew him when they were teenagers in high school. But his name back then was Gordon Goose.

The anime doesn’t have him obsessed with winning Ramona after Patel defeats him. Ramona describes him as a “twitchy, rage-filled, impulsive, emotionally abusive, controlling, debilitative egomaniac.” The 2010 movie also doesn’t give much away on how they met, except Scott realizing Gideo is music producer G-Man. In the comics, they met at a party in New York. Once Ramona felt like she was being used, she was ready to leave him until he used The Glow on her pushing her into subspace. Gideon got so distraught he wanted about it on Craigslist – alerting her other exes.

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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is available to stream on Netflix.

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