Sam Raimi reveals conditions for Spider-Man 4 amid MCU rumors

Cameron Frew
Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

Sam Raimi has spoken out about how he’d approach Spider-Man 4 with Tobey Maguire, coming after rumors that he’ll return to the MCU for the hero’s next movie.

Moviegoers across the US have been flocking to cinemas to revisit Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Echoing the response to Maguire’s return in No Way Home, it’s revived demands for the star and director to reunite for a fourth and final Spidey movie, nearly 15 years after it was canceled.

In a recent interview with TheWrap, Raimi was asked what Spider-Man 4 would look like after all this time. “We’d probably have to figure out the journey that Tobey Maguire’s character would be going on, and what obstacles he had to overcome to achieve that growth personally,” he explained.

“I hope the villain would be chosen based on a representation of that obstacle,” he added, and when asked if he’d thought about who the villain would be, he said: “I haven’t, because I’d have to know what the next thing is that character has to learn. I’d have to talk with Tobey and the writers and really figure that out.”

Raimi’s original plans for Spider-Man 4 would have seen him face off against John Malkovich’s Vulture and Anne Hathaway’s Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat. However, it was canceled in 2010 after Raimi left the project, believing he couldn’t meet its planned release date while ensuring it’d be good.

Recently, the director was reported to be in consideration to direct Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4, with Jon Watts not expected to return after the Homecoming trilogy. He’s since confirmed that he doesn’t “have any plans” to work with Marvel any time soon, but he’d “love it.”

Currently, Holland’s fourthquel doesn’t have a director at the helm. “Everyone wants it to happen. But we want to make sure we’re not overdoing the same things,” he recently said.

You can find out everything we know about Spider-Man 4, and other new movies to stream in April.

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