Most divisive TV show of the decade to return this year

Jessica Cullen
The Rings of Power: Three elves stand together looking worryingly into the distance

The most divisive TV show of the decade is coming back in 2024, and it’s clear fans are still very much split about whether it’s worth it.

2024 is shaping up to be an incredible year for TV. With The Bear Season 3, The Boys Season 4, and House of the Dragon Season 2 all returning (in the same month, no less), there’ll be plenty for small-screen fanatics to get their hands on.

But it’s not all good news for some audiences. Another major TV production is returning this year with its second season, and it’s one that fans weren’t so sure about the first time around. And considering it’s one of the most expensive TV shows ever made, that’s not an ideal response.

With that in mind, reactions to the news of this show’s 2024 return haven’t made everyone happy.

Rings of Power Season 2 will return in 2024

Rings of Power Season 2 will be returning this year, says The Hollywood Reporter, and given that it was easily the most divisive TV show of the past decade, a lot of fans have very split responses to the news.

Over on X, the reactions were massively varied, with a lot of backlash and negative reviews returning from disappointed viewers of Season 1.

“If only the writers and showrunners were as skilled as the visual effects and production crew,” said one comment. “I’ve never been so bored but visually pleased.”

“Truly surprised they went ahead and made a Season 2 after Season 1 got raked over the coals for being so terrible,” wrote another.

Others weren’t afraid of being a little harsher towards the series, with some comments saying: “This show sucked,” and: “The first season was trash.”

However, there were those who saw the news as a good thing. Clearly, Rings of Power does have its fans, even if they are in the minority.

“HELL YES!,” one response said. “I adored the first season, cannot wait for S2 (and S3, S4, and S5).”

“It’s probably a hot take but RoP was better than HotD! And the latter got all the praise and the former got all the undeserved hate! Doesn’t matter, I’m excited for Season 2,” said another.

Other comments even addressed the hostility, with one user saying: “Season 1 was good, people need to stop whining. I’m really stoked for S2!”

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