Netflix Moses documentary is a must-watch for The Chosen fans

Gabriela Silva
Avi Azulay as Moses in Testament: The Story of Moses.

The Chosen is the most-watched Christian TV series to date — but there’s a new show they need to check out: Netflix’s Testament: The Story of Moses.

The Chosen, created by Dallas Jenkins, is one of the world’s most popular shows right now, with millions watching it across the world.

The story of Jesus, his adventures, teachings, and the people around him have never been more exciting. Now, Netflix has released Testament: The Story of Moses, a docudrama series that will surely appeal to The Chosen fans.

With Moses being one of the most notable biblical figures, experiencing his story like never before is a decent substitute until The Chosen Season 5.

What is Testament: The Story of Moses about?

In this three-episode series, audiences go through Moses’s redemption story from outcast and murderer to a well-known prophet and liberator that many remember from Bible study.

Testament: The Story of Moses is tagged as a docuseries thanks to its combination of actor reenactment of Moses’ story and real-life interviews with scholars. Actor Avi Azulay plays the lead role of the prophet alongside Dominique Jade Tipper as Zipporah, Mehmet Kurtulus as Pharoh, Ishai Golan as Aaron, and many more.

Per the trailer, the docuseries documents Moses’ return home, where he’s met with scrutiny and his eventual rise as a prophet and desire to lead his people out of Egyptian slavery.

Besides the reenactments, the series is narrated by Charles Dance and directed by Benjamin Ross. The series producers have compared the epic story to 1956 classic The Ten Commandments, but they’ve promised Netflix’s version dives deeper into who Moses was and his inner turmoil.

Within the episodes, audiences will see it all, from the drama of the burning bush, the plagues, Passover, and the parting of the Red Sea, to the creation of the Ten Commandments. Above all, the series sets to explore how Moses saw himself amid his religious reawakening. He comes from a dark past, trying to understand his identity, and role in a grander story.

There have been many iterations of Moses’ story, with some unclear of how historically accurate it really is. The Netflix series adheres mostly to Biblical text with some added flare of drama for a good watch.

All three episodes of Testament: The Story of Moses are available to stream on Netflix, with people also able to watch The Ark and The Darkness, where The Chosen was filmed, and more.

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