Moving creator teases Season 2 thanks to the webtoon

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K-dramas have taken on global fame with Disney+’s Moving to join the ranks of Squid Game or even better as it’s based on a popular webtoon that leaves room for a Season 2 and possibly more seasons.

While K-dramas have had characters with superpowers before like StrongWoman Dong Bong-soon and The Uncanny Counter, Moving takes on a different form. Its storyline has a more superhero vibe as three high school teens try to control their powers. Amid their journey, their parents try to keep them safe from a government organization that wants them dead.

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Webtoon K-dramas have become a hot commodity having an already-developed fanbase. Netflix’s Sweet Home was greenlighted for Season 2 and Season 3 simultaneously. Fans get excited to see how actors will embody the illustrated characters. So far, K-dramas has done a superb job. Moving’s Lee Jung-ha gained weight to play Bong-seok as depicted in the webtoon.

The K-drama has become the most expensive in history. Moving is set to release its final episodes likely ending in an epic fight, but will there be a Season 2? Thanks to the webtoon storyline, Kang Full teases its possibility.

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Moving creator Kang Full says webtoon has many adaptable stories for more seasons

Kang Full published Moving in 2015 and has 46 chapters of storyline with the creator teasing there could be a Season 2.

Fans have been impressed with how well Disney+‘s Moving has adapted Kang Full’s storyline. It’s no surprise as he wrote a majority of the K-drama and helped cast its impeccable actors. According to The Korea Herald, Full was nervous to write the script but did it for a reason.

“Originally, the series was intended to have 12 to 16 episodes. But to capture the narrative that was left out in the original work, I felt it needed to be longer. So I made a counter-proposal that I would write the script myself only if it can be a 20-part series. It was my first time writing scripts so I needed time. And the production team waited for me,” he said.

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When it comes to Moving Season 2, the creator said it depended on how well the K-drama is received. According to a Korean news outlet, he explained, “For now, I want to have a sabbatical after the final episode is released. I also miss manga, so I think I will take a break and think about it.”

But in a recent interview with Korean YouTube channel MMTG, Full revealed a Moving Season 2 is very much possible and more seasons. “The webtoon already has stories before and after [the drama takes place]. I think there is a possibility. It is not certain,” said the creator according to Soompi.

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