Love Has Won: What is a 3D hospital?

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Amy Carlson in the Love Has Won documentaryMax

With Episode 2 of Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God out now, you may have heard the term “3D hospital” being thrown around – here’s what it means. 

Directed by Hannah Olson, Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God from HBO is a three-part documentary series delving into the Love Has Won cult and the life and death of their Mother God, aka Amy Carlson.

So far, we’ve learned about the various practices of the group, including the facilitation of Carlson’s alleged alcoholism, the promotion of supplements that led to Carlson’s skin turning blue, and the belief that Mother God became a vessel for various dead celebrities, including Robin Williams. 

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Prior to her untimely death, Carlson is said to have requested to go to what they describe as a 3D hospital. But what exactly is it? Let us explain. Warning: Some may find this content distressing.

Love Has Won: What is a 3D hospital?

In the Love Has Won cult, a 3D hospital is just a regular hospital or medical center – which they are strictly against, having banished the use of modern medicine. 

You see, the group believes that ordinary people are in a state of 3D consciousness, while members of the group had or aim to transcend to what they claim is 5D consciousness. Following her death in 2021, Love Has Won members claimed Carlson “ascended” to the 5D plane of existence. 

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The coroner’s report told a different story. According to the Saguache County coroner, she died from alcoholism, anorexia, and chronic colloidal silver ingestion. 

Prior to her death, she began to show signs of deterioration as a result of her various practices. Footage presented in the HBO documentary and interviews with those close to the situation shows Carlson drank alcohol heavily every day. 

Her followers claim it was to deal with the “pain” of taking on the energy of eight billion people. She was also fed continuous shots of colloidal silver, which consists of tiny silver particles in a liquid. 

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Although it’s sometimes promoted online as a dietary supplement, with a former follower saying that Carlson “thought it was a cure all,” there is currently no official evidence backing these claims. Eventually, the supplement turned her skin a grayish-blue color. 

Tweet about Amy CarlsonTwitter/@bx_on_x

Finally, Carlson and the group were made to limit their food intake. Hope, a current follower of Love Has Won, says in the documentary: “Mom was told by the galactics that they were going to ‘evacuate’ her. Robin [Williams] said that Mom needed to be a certain weight in order for them to pick her up on the starships.”

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The coroner’s report showed Carlson was just 75 pounds when she died. Before her death, she experienced a range of ailments, including boils breaking out all over her body and swollen feet, and in the latter years, she was unable to walk. 

As the documentary examines how her health deteriorated, Carlson’s real family members express how concerned they were for her. 

Following this, a clip from one of Love Has Won’s live streams is played in which follower Aurora says: “There’s been moments when Mom has asked us to take her to a 3D hospital and we were like, ‘Nope.’ 

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“There’s no way that Mom would go to a 3D doctor. They would be so perplexed by Mom to begin with.”

Another member named Faith later says in an interview for Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God that Carlson actually tried to reach out to her real family as she neared her death, despite having cut them off to lead the cult. 

When asked whether she ever wanted to bring Carlson to see a doctor, Faith replies: “No, not at all. Mom would never set foot in a 3D hospital. I would never set foot in a 3D hospital. That’s a death sentence right there.”

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Love Has Won follower faithMax
Love Has Won follower Faith describes going to a 3D hospital as a “death sentence”

Police found Carlson’s body at Love Has Won’s Colorado base. She had been mummified and was in a state of decomposition. Her eyeballs had been removed, she’d been wrapped in a sleeping bag, and she was covered in Christmas lights.

Although several of the followers were taken into police custody after Carlson’s body was found, the charges of abusing a corpse were later dropped. 

Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God Episodes 1-2 are available on Max now, while Episode 3 arrives on November 27. You can check out more of our documentary coverage below: 

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