How to watch David Fuller: Monster in the Morgue – is it streaming?

Daisy Phillipson
Still from David Full: Monster in the MorgueSky

Want to watch the twisted new Sky documentary series David Full: Monster in the Morgue? Here’s everything you need to know about where it’s streaming and how to view it if you’re in the US. 

Every now and then, a crime case unfolds that shakes people to their very core – and this certainly rings true for that of David Fuller, a convicted killer and necrophile from the UK who abused over 100 bodies in a hospital mortuary. 

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In short, it’s a truly grim and sickening docu-series, but one that’s been described as well-made and an important watch for lovers of the true crime genre. 

With so much talk about David Full: Monster in the Morgue, you might be wondering how to watch the two-part doc and if it’s streaming in the US – we’ve got you covered. 

How and where to watch David Fuller: Monster in the Morgue

David Fuller: Monster in the Morgue is a Sky documentary, and is therefore available to stream in the UK via various Sky TV packages, as well as Now TV

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Although these are all British platforms, there are two ways to watch the series if you’re in the US: 

  • Download a VPN such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN, connect to a server location inside the UK, sign up for a Now TV package, get your free trial or pay for a monthly subscription, and enjoy
  • Now TV has a special deal with Xfinity Internet, whereby the internet provider’s US customers can now purchase Now TV through their online account, with the ability to sign up and cancel anytime

It’s worth noting that VPNs are completely legal to use and allow users not only to protect their network connection when using public networks, but also to access regionally restricted content across the globe. 

If you’re wondering how much Now TV costs, via the Xfinity Internet route it’s $20 a month, while Now TV in the UK offers various packages. For David Fuller: Monster in the Morgue and other documentaries and TV shows, you’ll need an Entertainment Pass, which costs £9.99 ($12.71) for one month of viewing. 

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What is David Fuller: Monster in the Morgue about?

Monster in the Morgue is a two-part documentary focusing on the life and crimes of David Fuller, who was arrested and sentenced in 2021 for two murders that he had carried out all the way back in 1987. 

Although the case went cold, it was picked up again thanks to DNA technology, which discovered his samples were a match. 

But perhaps the most gruesome details unveiled in the series involve his mortuary offences, which earned him the nickname the “Morgue Monster”. 

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Still from David Full: Monster in the MorgueSky
Bodycam footage shows police uncovering Fuller’s sickening collection of photos

A couple of years after he carried out what became known as the “Bedsit murders,” Fuller was employed as an electrician at a Kent hospital, a job he fulfilled all the way until 2020 when he was arrested. 

During this time, he recorded himself abusing the dead bodies of more than 100 women. As well as uncovering how he managed to lead a double life for decades, the documentary shows police bodycam footage for the first time as they uncover thousands of sickening images of his crimes. 

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David Fuller: Monster in the Morgue is available to stream on Now TV now. You can check out some of our other true crime coverage below: 

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