John Wick Chapter 4: Who is Rina Sawayama playing?

Rina Sawayama in John Wick Chapter 4Lionsgate

Who is Rina Sawayama playing in John Wick Chapter 4? The new trailer features a few glimpses of her assassin, but which character is she playing in the sequel?

John Wick Chapter 4 just dropped a new action-packed trailer. While teasing the plot, with a possible way out from the High Table for Keanu Reeves’ beloved killer, it also shows off some of the violence – there’s nunchucks, swords, and guns… lots of guns.

It’s a stacked cast this time round, with Bill Skarsgård joining the franchise alongside Donnie Yen, Hiroyuki Sanada, Clancy Brown, and more.

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Rina Sawayama is also making her film acting debut, but who is the singer playing?

John Wick Chapter 4: Who is Rina Sawayama playing in the film?

Rina Sawayama is playing Akira in John Wick Chapter 4.

She’s only seen briefly in the trailer: in one scene, she removes her jacket while standing with other assassins, though it’s unclear whether she’s part of Sanada’s character’s team; and in another sequence, we get a glimpse of one of her fight scenes.

For those who don’t know, Sawayama is best known as a singer who’s released two albums: ‘Sawayama’, which received critical acclaim, and ‘Hold the Girl’, which debuted in September this year. She’s made two TV appearances in Turn Up Charlie and Jonetsu Tairiki, but John Wick marks her first movie role.

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In an interview with NME, Sawayama opened up about landing the part, saying: “My team are all just so shook by the idea that we even got offered John Wick, so I think… none of us really know what’s gonna happen. We’re just like, ‘What does happen to people in movies?'”

The musician also described the upcoming movie as “amazing… I’m so excited for people to see it in the cinema, because it’s definitely, 100% the best John Wick that’s ever been, and I’m not being biased, like honestly, the scale is insane this time.”

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Sawayama also said she’d “definitely” be interested in furthering her acting career after John Wick 4. “It’s such a different process to music, and even though you have control over your character, it is someone else’s movie so you have to really work in a team. It’s nice to not have that responsibility sometime,” she added.

John Wick Chapter 4 hits cinemas on March 24, 2023. Find out more about the movie here.