One of the most divisive sitcoms of all time is coming to Netflix

Gabriela Silva
The cast of How I Met Your Mother sitcom

From Friends to Seinfeld, Netflix is bringing back another sitcom that developed a hefty fanbase, and it’s none other than How I Met Your Mother.

Originally airing in 2005 on CBS, How I Met Your Mother ran until 2015 and had a total of nine seasons. Now, it’s been announced that Netflix will bring back all seasons on June 3, 2024.

The storyline revolved around Ted Mosby and his friends living in New York City, with the entire sitcom framed as a story being told by Ted in 2030 to his two kids, explaining all the events that eventually led him to meet their mother. Part of the group of friends included long-time couple Lilly and Marshall, suit-wearing playboy Barney, and Canadian news reporter Robin.

Throughout the seasons, fans watched each character’s storyline unfold, as well as the mystery behind Ted’s future wife. Hints were thrown in throughout the series on whether it was Robin or someone else, but by the finale in 2015, all the clues come together to reveal her true identity.

Lilly, Marshall, and Barney in How I Met Your Mother talking to Ted.

How I Met Your Mother fans are excited for its return with one commenting on X/Twitter, “That’s gonna be legend—-dairy,” a fun pun on one of Barney’s well-used lines in the sitcom.

Another said, “Oh sweet, binge time! Legit forgot how many laughs that show packed into each episode.”

“Oh sweet! I love this show! It totally didn’t age well but it’s still a great show and a very interesting time stamp on the late 2000s, early 2010s haha,” commented one fan.

How I Met Your Mother ran into its few hiccups, namely its not well-received finale. Like Seinfeld, many felt the finale undid a lot of the storylines fans were watching develop for countless episodes. Without any spoilers, the reveal of Ted’s children’s mother led to a full-circle moment that some fans were happy about and others… not so much.

There are also a few controversial jokes that wouldn’t fly today unless you were an original watcher in the 2000s. This includes homophobic jokes, Barney’s very questionable antics to get women in bed, and a few slut-shaming jokes.

How I Met Your Mother will return to Netflix, and you can catch up on TV series streaming and new TV series to watch.

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