House of the Dragon: Harrenhal may be hiding major Game of Thrones connection

Kayla Harrington
Matt Smith in House of the Dragon Season 3

House of the Dragon could be hiding a major connection to Game of Thrones within one of its Harrenhal scenes.

Everyone’s focus has rightly turned to the battle of the dragons thanks to House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4, but a small moment from the story could point to a major Game of Thrones connection.

While the Greens and Blacks duke it out for the Iron Throne, Daemon Targaryen currently resides at Harrenhal, having visions of his past transgressions, which include a surprising cameo from Milly Alcock.

However, a small scene between Alys Rivers and Daemon could hold a major Game of Thrones connection as the witch of Harrenhal may have re-introduced viewers to weirwood paste.

When Daemon arrived at Harrenhal, he was met with little tactical resistance, much to his displeasure as he’s a warrior at heart.

He eventually met Alys Rivers, the bastard of Lord Lyonel Strong, who resided in the castle while practicing her witchy magic.

In Episode 4, Alys confirms Daemon’s ‘dreams’ could be a consequence of sleeping on the wood of a weirwood, a tree that has no concept of time and allows certain people, primarily greenseers, to see into the past and present.

Daemon can’t sleep because of his previous visions, so Alys offers him a mysterious potion that is supposed to help him sleep.

While some believed she was offering him a sleeping aid, Alys could have been offering Daemon a mixture infused with weirwood paste, a combination of the tree’s seeds and paste.

Fans only saw this combination once before in Game of Thrones, when Bran Stark had to consume the same paste to become the Three-Eyed Raven.

After consuming the mixture, Bran gained almost god-like psychic abilities as he could travel into the past, present, and sometimes future.

While Daemon doesn’t possess the same magical abilities Bran does, Alys could have given him the same paste to have the Rogue Prince take responsibility for his life’s path.

The offered concoction gave him more visions, but this time, they were populated by Ser Simon Strong, Ser William Blackwood, and his deceased wife, Laena Velaryon.

Dameon’s time at Harrenhal could be the show’s way of having the character come to peace with his decisions, as the Dance of Dragons doesn’t have the best outcome in store for him.

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