Fan spots something odd in The Crow trailer, and we can’t unsee it

Gabriela Silva
Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven in The Crow 2024.

The Crow reboot trailer has fans analyzing every scene and frame compared to the original, but there’s one aspect of the trailer that fans can’t unsee once realizing how true it is.

Fans are divided on The Crow reboot trailer as the 1994 original is considered a cult classic starring Bandon Lee. The trailer was starkly different than what fans were expecting from the comic book storyline.

The trailer keeps to Eric Draven’s overall story of revenge from beyond the grave. With an aesthetic was a bit more John Wick style. Fans were left making comparisons to the original. But watching the trailer over and over, fans couldn’t help but realize it fell victim to an often-seen camera work that serves another purpose.

Amid the scenes of a strong love story, murder, crows, and a crime syndicate, every scene has one thing in common.

The Crow trailer uses one camera angle

Per a fan on X/Twitter, they realized The Crow reboot trailer’s scenes all take place in the middle of the frame, allowing for almost seemingly perfect screenshots to use online.

Once realizing it, you can’t unsee it. One fan commented, “Lol it’s got that ‘only use the middle of the frame so people can post clips to TikTok’ staging and everything.”

After reading the comment, you can look back at the trailer and realize how true it is. No matter where you pause, every scene always has someone perfectly placed in the middle of the frame. It seems that The Crow trailer isn’t the first to do this. Many fans comment that the use of framing is true.

The original poster commented that Netflix’s recent live-action adaptation of The Last Airbender does the exact same thing.

“Wait holy sh*t…this just unlocked something I despise about so much cinematography that I couldn’t put my finger on,” said one person on X/Twitter.

“I thought this was an exaggeration but god no that’s actually how it is,” said another.

One fan also pointed out it’s likely for social media use, saying, “You’re so right! Nothing was ever framed in the center of the screen before TikTok! Citizen Kane is famously panned to the far left of the screen at all times!”

“Oof now I can’t unsee it, either. There’s almost no action or even movement outside of the center of the frame in any scene shown in the entire trailer,” commented another.

The sudden realization had many agree that they can’t unsee the framing and will now be hyperaware if other movies or trailers do the same.

The Crow is scheduled to release on June 7, 2024. Find more amazing movies to watch in the meantime here.

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