The Crow fans aren’t happy after reboot gets official release date

Gabriela Silva
Brandon Lee in The Crow 1994

Mischief night is nearing as The Crow reboot gets an official release date – but some fans are not too happy about it.

Brandon Lee gained infamy starring as Eric Draven in the 1994 supernatural hero movie The Crow. Based on the original comic books, Lee was immortalized in the role. It was his last due to an accident on set that led to his death. While The Crow spawned a franchise of not-so-successful movies, the 1994 original has always been seen as a cult classic.

The Crow reboot has been in the works since 2008, with many changes to its storyline and leading actor. Die-hard fans were somewhat accepting of Jason Momoa in the lead role. With his exit, the mantel has now been passed on to IT actor Bill Skarsgård, alongside FKA Twigs.

With no real first looks at the movie, fans are skeptical the reboot will live up to Lee’s legend. And now, news of an official release date doesn’t have fans excited.

When is The Crow reboot release date?

It was announced the reboot will be released on June 7, 2024, taking the slot from the John Wick universe movie Ballerina.

According to Variety, Ballerina has been pushed back until 2025, leaving The Crow reboot to take its place. On X/Twitter, fans were not so pleased with the news, mainly because they have no confidence in the reboot’s success like the 1994 original.

The Crow reboot will follow the same original storyline. Musician Eric Draven is murdered on Mischief Night alongside his fiancé. He’s given a second chance at revenge when a crow brings him back to life and gives him superhuman powers. Eric sets out to avenge his true love.

One fan noted the release date is close to the 30th anniversary of The Crow. “Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the original. Which makes a fair amount of sense why they would do it like that. That being said I would probably rather spend my money on the 4K of the crow rather than see the new one in theaters,” they commented.

Others agreed, saying, “I don’t know how you can possibly remake something as special as The Crow.”

“He looks like the guy that played in the crow salvation film. None of the films have ever came close to what brandon did. This one will be no different. But hey, Cant be any worse then wicked prayer lol,” said another.

Some commented that the movie has to go above and beyond to reach the level of emotion that Lee’s version left behind. Not to mention the soundtrack that was finely tuned to match The Crow’s darker aesthetic, comic book origins, and the hard rock craze of the 90s. Others hold onto some hope that the movie will do justice but agree they are tired of remakes.

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