D&D reveals 2 more Tasha’s subclasses for Player’s Handbook revision

Noelle Corbett
DnD Tasha's Cauldron of Everything cover art

Dungeons & Dragons’ upcoming rules revision will add two subclasses previously exclusive to a 5e expansion to the updated Player’s Handbook.

Wizards of the Coast has revealed two subclasses that originated in the Dungeons & Dragons‘ Fifth Edition expansion Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything will be included in the revised Player’s Handbook releasing later this year: the Psi Warrior Fighter and the Soulknife Rogue.

D&D game design architects Chris Perkins and Jeremy Crawford announced the subclasses during a Fireside Chat with Todd Kenreck released on YouTube.

In it, they explain that Psi Warrior in particular was selected to replace the scrapped Brawler subclass included in Playtest 7. The announcement also confirms the four Fighter subclasses included in the Player’s Handbook (2024), with Psi Warrior joining the Champion, Eldritch Knight, and Battle Master.

These subclasses were chosen to add more “psionic friends” to the book, which will also include the Aberrant Mind Sorcerer and the Great Old One Warlock patron.

Psi Warrior Fighters fight with both brains and physical might, infusing their weapons with psionic power or protecting themselves and allies with telekinetic force.

Soulknife Rogues blend the stealthiness of the base class with psionic abilities. They use psychic blades that get more powerful at higher levels, cutting foes down with both physical and psionic attacks.

While they were not included in any of the public UA tests, Crawford said these subclasses “went through additional playtesting and development” that led to improvements, though he did not elaborate on specific changes to the subclasses and their abilities.

Perkins and Crawford also discussed the team’s progress on the new core rulebooks, saying they are “making final tweaks” to the printed-out version of the book and “ensuring everything is where it should be.” Kenreck also confirmed lots more info is “coming soon.”

The Player’s Handbook (2024) releases on September 17, 2024. It will be available two weeks early on September 3, 2024, at local game stores and D&D Beyond.

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