D&D Lego sets will let players build a 3D map to use during campaign sessions

D&D Lego Set Dragons KeepWizards of the Coast/Lego

Dungeons & Dragons will bring gameplay to a new level thanks to a magnificent 3D D&D x LEGO concept that can double as a map for campaign sessions.

Dungeons & Dragons players are always looking for the next great adventure. Whether this takes them into the heart of Faerun or drags them through different planes of existence, there are always monsters to battle, NPCs to meet, and mysteries to solve. Because of this, most seasoned D&D players often like a detailed and well-thought-out map.

The creation of good maps can take many forms. Players battling monsters together in person may choose to use the elaborate maps and miniatures that have been around since the game’s inception, while others playing online can build maps using a variety of digital resources.

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However, an upcoming LEGO kit takes in-person, 3D maps to the next level, giving players a setting that is entirely built of classic LEGO pieces. This D&D map is unlike any other style of tabletop gaming and is likely to be a great asset to any adventurer’s arsenal.

D&D x LEGO set brings the Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End to life

As found on the LEGO IDEAS website, the D&D-inspired set will contain 3,000 pieces when it releases, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the tabletop series. The set will boast changeable doors, a Witches Tower, a Tavern, a Dungeon, and a Crypt to explore.

D&D LEGO Green DragonWizards of the Coast/Lego
A Green Dragon is included in this LEGO x D&D set

Players will also be able to assemble a Green Dragon, and flesh out the map with other iconic D&D monsters like The Beholder. The set will include LEGO figures for different classes, allowing fans to use the brick characters instead of miniatures while utilizing the set.

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Currently, it isn’t known when the set will become available, but it has been confirmed that Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End will be an official part of expanded D&D merchandise. Because of this, fans will want to keep an eye out on both the LEGO blog and the Wizards of the Coast social media accounts for any new information.