Dune 2 box office — how much has it made?

Chris Tilly
Paul Adtreides in the sands of Dune.

Denis Villeneuve has made the biggest sci-fi movie of his career, with Dune 2 a box office juggernaut. Here’s how much it has made so far.

The first Dune movie was a hit for Warner Bros., grossing over $430 million from a budget of around $165 million. And that’s even though it dropped on HBO Max the same day it hit cinemas during COVID-19.

Part Two cost even more, with a rumored budget of $190 million. This meant there was an expectation it should make more in returns. Luckily, as we said in our Dune 2 review, the sequel is of epic proportions.

It scored the largest opening weekend of writer-director Villeneuve’s career, grossing $123 million domestically and $100 million globally for a total of $223 million. Here’s how Dune 2’s box office is holding up ahead of Dune 3.

Dune 2 box office: How much has it made?

As of March 18, 2024, Dune 2’s global box office is $494.7 million.

$208 million of that figure comes from North America, with the rest earned overseas.

Its cinema run will have legs, and these numbers don’t include the eventual digital revenue and physical disc sales (more on that in our guide on how to watch Dune 2).

All this will be a welcome sign for studios and exhibitors, as 2024’s box office is currently running 18% behind last year and more than 38% behind 2019. With the industry still recovering from COVID-19, it’s exciting to see artistic, heady sci-fi able to keep up with superhero movies and the like.

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