The Dragon Prince Season 4: Release date, how to watch, more

Characters in The Dragon Prince Season 4Netflix

Here’s what you need to know about The Dragon Prince Season 4, from its release date to how and where you can watch and stream it.

Season 4 of the animated Netflix series was announced earlier this year. The show, which has lacked updates for over two years, has delighted fans with a series of trailers highlighting what Callum and his friends will have to face in the new episodes.

The Dragon Prince is an emotional, epic fantasy following a group of children caught amid warring nations and a corrupted kingdom. Main character Callum and his younger brother Ezran team up with the Moonshadow Elf Rayla in the first season as they attempt to return a dragon egg that was found in their castle.

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The series has been praised for its inclusive cast of characters (including a deaf character who uses ASL), unique art style, and emotional storytelling. However, due to the struggles many studios faced during 2020, there was worry the show wouldn’t receive a conclusion. Thankfully, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

When will The Dragon Prince Season 4 release?

The Dragon Prince Season 4 will be released on November 3, 2022.

All trailers currently available for The Dragon Prince Season 4

Below are all the trailers currently available for The Dragon Prince Season 4. These trailers can also be found on The Dragon Prince official YouTube channel.

In addition, the first official clip for The Dragon Prince Season 4 has been released.

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Where to watch The Dragon Prince Season 4

Those interested in watching the new season, which has been called “Mystery of Aaravos” in the recent trailers, can do so on Netflix after the season releases.

The show will not air episode by episode on any standard channels, so those who have a Netflix subscription will be able to enjoy the entire season as soon as it drops.

Currently, it isn’t known if this will be the last season of The Dragon Prince. There have been no official announcements that this will conclude the series, making it possible fans will be able to join Callum on many other adventures in the future.

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Please check back for any new details that may come available before release. This guide will update as new trailers and dates are announced.