Doctor Who fans have one major complaint about Season 14 episodes

Jessica Cullen
Ncuti Gatwa as The Doctor in Doctor Who Season 14

Doctor Who fans have noticed something about the new Season 14 episodes, and they’re not happy.

Doctor Who Season 14 (or, very much in the spirit of a refresh, Doctor Who Season 1) is almost here, with the May 11 release date fast approaching. The long-running sci-fi series will land on Disney+ for US viewers, and it’s already making waves.

As more information is coming out about the upcoming season, fans are already dissatisfied with how things are shaping up. Not because of a casting decision or the return of a controversial villain, but because of the amount of episodes penned by returning showrunner Russell T Davies.

Davies has written six of the eight episodes to come. The only two not credited with his name are Boom (by Steven Moffat) and Rogue (by Kate Herron and Briony Redman). Upon discovering this, fans have since taken to social media to share their disappointment at the lack of variety in screenwriters.

“Now, eventually you do plan to have other writers on your show, right?” one X user asked. Another added: “Sooooo… Russell really is writing 5 out of these 8 episodes then.”

“So 6/8 episodes of this series are by RTD?? This is f*cking ridiculous,” said another. A fourth wrote: “So Kate and Briony are the ONLY new writers the whole season and they’re shoved together into one episode?”

Another user said: “There’s something so arrogant about writing an ENTIRE SERIES.”

Historically speaking, Russell T Davies lands somewhat in the middle of Doctor Who episode rankings. The top five highest-rated episodes listed on IMDb were all written by Steven Moffat (with one credit going to Richard Curtis, too). Chris Chibnall, among others, penned the five lowest-rated episodes.

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