Death Stranding live action movie announced with Hideo Kojima producing

Death StrandingYouTube: PlayStation

In association with Kojima Productions, a live-action Death Stranding movie is being made.

2019’s Death Stranding was another in a long series of masterpieces by one of the greatest video game artists of all time, Hideo Kojima.

The game drew critical acclaim for it’s masterful storytelling and incredible cast that included Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, and Mads Mikkelsen.

Kojima shocked and pleased fans recently by announcing at the Game Awards that a sequel, Death Stranding 2, was on the way. Just a week later, though, Kojima made another huge announcement.

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Death Stranding movie has been greenlit

On December 15, Deadline reported that Hideo Kojima’s company Kojima Productions had partnered with Hammerstone Studios to develop a live-action Death Stranding film.

Hammerstone, who was the production company behind the recent hit horror movie Barbarian, will finance the movie, but Kojima Productions will serve as executive producers.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this new partnership with Hammerstone Studios,” said Kojima in the article. “This is a pivotal moment for the franchise and I’m really looking forward to collaborating with them in bringing Death Stranding to the big screen.”

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death stranding private room sam bridgesKojima Productions
A Death Stranding live action movie will introduce new characters to the universe.

According to Deadline, the plot for Kojima Productions first-ever feature adaptation is still being kept hidden, however “it will introduce new elements and characters within the Death Stranding universe.”

The announcement brought with it plenty of excitement from fans, who can’t wait to see the ruined world explored in more depth, as well as seeing how the BTs will translate to live action.

Obviously, there will be a big push for Norman Reedus to be cast as the courier Sam Porter Bridges in the live-action version, just like he was in the game. However, it’s far to early in the production cycle to speculate as to any casting decisions.

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