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Death Stranding 2

Death Stranding 2 was unveiled at The Game Awards 2022 and shown off in more detail at Sony’s 2024 State of Play. We’ve rounded up all the latest details on the project in one place.

The Game Awards 2022 was jam-packed with a ton of exciting reveals and announcements, as fans got a first look at the games they will be sinking their time into for the foreseeable future.

Among the biggest surprises was the premier of Death Stranding 2, the follow-up to Hideo Kojima’s apocalyptic 2019 PlayStation-exclusive title, and players will be keen to see where Sam Bridges’ story takes him next.

Recently, the game got another major showing at the January State of Play, with almost ten minutes of footage shown as well as some major hints at what the upcoming sequel will entail.

Death Stranding 2 body 1
Death Stranding 2: On the Beach will release in 2025

We’ve put together everything we know so far about Death Stranding 2, including the story and gameplay elements revealed already.


Is there a Death Stranding 2 release date?

Sadly, there is currently no release date for Death Stranding 2 but we do now know that the game will be arriving at some point in 2025.

Hideo Kojima games traditionally take longer than expected to release as the legendary director is notable for being a perfectionist. The original Death Stranding had a notoriously long development cycle, however, development for the sequel seems to well and truly deep into the thick of things.

Be sure to check back in with this section as we update it with a more accurate release date when Kojima announces it in the future.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach platforms

According to the first Death Stranding 2 trailer, the game is currently only slated for release on PlayStation 5. The first installment was a popular Sony exclusive, so it’s no surprise to see it doubling down on the latest hardware, but it does mean that those still on PS4 may miss out.

The original also made its way to PC a year after release, and then Mac / iOS devices in 2024, so there’s a good chance that Death Stranding 2 will follow the same pattern.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach story

Sam Bridges in Death Stranding 2
Normas Reedus is set to reprise his role as Sam Bridges in Death Stranding 2.

Many fans might be surprised after the events of the 2019 game, but Death Stranding 2 appears to be a direct sequel taking place years later.

An older and greyer Sam Bridges, played once again by Norman Reedus, will also return, likely serving as the sequel’s main protagonist.

The new State of Play reveal also confirmed a major detail in that Troy Baker’s Higgs Monaghan will be back for the sequel. This reveal coming as a shock to many for those who played the first game and know the fate of Monaghan.

The official synopsis for Death Stranding 2: On the Beach reads as follows:

“Embark on an inspiring mission of human connection beyond the UCA. Sam—with companions by his side—sets out on a new journey to save humanity from extinction. Join them as they traverse a world beset by otherworldly enemies, obstacles, and a haunting question: should we have connected? Step by step, legendary game creator Hideo Kojima changes the world once again.”

Death Stranding 2 gameplay

Death Stranding 2 body
Major gameplay clips were shown at the first Sony State of Play for 2024

From the brief gameplay we have seen from Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, we can confirm that combat and gameplay seem to mirror that of the original title, though obviously with plenty of new bells and whistles attached.

Death Stranding 2 trailers

So far, Death Stranding 2: On the Beach has released two major trailers.

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