Deadpool 3 poster “made with AI” slammed by Marvel fans

Gabriela Silva
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Deadpool 3, or Deadpool & Wolverine, is the superhero movie that will break the internet in 2024, but a recent new poster released on social media has fans not happy over the use of AI.

A long time in the works, Ryan Reynolds returns to his role as Deadpool, and this time is bringing along Hugh Jackman in his iconic role as Wolverine. Deadpool 3 has been one of the hush-hush projects fans were clamoring to get the latest on.

Its first official trailer was released during the Super Bowl. It gave a first look at its storyline, possible Deadpool variants, and the introduction of Wolverine to the MCU.

As more details come to light, a newly released poster for Deadpool 3 has some fans calling out Marvel for using AI to create it.

Deadpool 3 poster is all about love

The new poster includes Deadpool and Wolverine’s hand making a heart sign with nods to love in the background. After all, Deadpool is a sucker for love. But fans took a close examination of the poster, with some unhappy that the poster seems to have been made with AI technology.

“This is AI. Wolverine’s glove does not look the same,” said a fan as Wolverine’s gloves doesn’t match what was seen in the trailer. His glove is blue with unique silver openings for his claws.

“This looks ai generated. Even if it isn’t, it’s just Dp’s hands re-coloured with claws added,” agreed one fan.

But others believe it wasn’t AI but the use of Photoshop to create a simple, run-of-the-mill poster.

“Stop Ranting that Everything is AI generated… That’s just a Photoshop…they just repainted Deadpool’s hand & added a Claw,” counteracted one.

Another agreed saying, “I’m pretty sure it’s Deadpool’s hands and they photoshopped the claws and changed the gloves color. The Wolverine gloves look completely different. I wouldn’t say it’s AI tho.”

But a response to this tweet zoomed in on a particular spot on Deadpool’s hand that suggests it was AI created. Looking at his wrist cuff, there’s an area that is clearly erased or wasn’t fully developed by the AI. You can see a bit of Deadpool’s suit beneath it.

Another zoom-in shot of Wolverin’s claw shows they weren’t well edited, warped, and not clean work. It’s not uncommon for AI-generated work to not be 100% detailed in certain areas as the program didn’t fully develop everything.