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The first foray into the reborn DC Universe is arriving soon, as Creature Commandos is gearing up for release.

Creature Commandos holds the distinction of being the first project of James Gunn’s new DC Universe, setting the stage for the upcoming Superman movie and everything else that is to follow.

If it sounds like an odd setup, it’s because it is. The team is a fairly obscure one, and the Creature Commandos branding hasn’t been used for a new comic since a 2000 run.

The team looks to be more of the quirky found family storytelling that Gunn is known for, so there’s plenty of reason to get excited. Here’s everything we know about Creature Commandos Season 1 so far.

When does Creature Commandos Season 1 come out?

Creature Commandos will be released in December 2024. No specific date has been announced.

The release date was confirmed during a recent Warner Bros panel at the Annecy International Animation Festival.

Who is in the cast?

Creature Commands has a cast that mixes existing DC characters with new actors, most notably Frank Grillo as Rick Flag Sr, the father of The Suicide Squad’s late Rick Flag. It also sees the return of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Steve Agee as John Economos, and Sean Gunn as Weasel.

  • Frank Grillo as Rick Flag Sr.
  • Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
  • Steve Agee as John Economos
  • David Harbour as Eric Frankenstein
  • Indira Varma as The Bride of Frankenstein
  • Zoe Chao as Nina Mazursky
  • Alan Tudyk as Doctor Phosphorous
  • Anya Chalotra as Circe
  • Sean Gunn as G.I. Robot & Weasel
  • Russ Bain as Craic Brother
Creature Commandos team
The Creature Commandos cast is also expected to reprise their roles for live-action appearances.

In addition to Creature Commandos, Grillo will be appearing in Peacemaker Season 2. Details about his cameo have not been revealed, but considering Peacemaker killed Flag Sr.’s son in The Suicide Squad, they’re sure to come to blows.

The rest of the cast are some eccentric DC Comics characters who are send-ups of the Creature Commandos team from both the original and modern DC Comics runs. The same actors are also expected to be used for future live-action appearances.

Harbour, who will continue to appear in the MCU as Red Guardian, voices Eric Frankenstein, who is both a soldier and a monster hunter. Frankenstein has been a popular modern DC character, often encountering other heroes when they fight supernatural entities.

His counterpart, Indira Varma’s Bride of Frankenstein, is a more recent character who was once Frankenstein’s wife. They separated when Eric was forced to kill their son and have had a strained relationship ever since.

Tudyk’s Doctor Phosphorous is a long-running Batman villain who is left with burning skin and a visible, glowing skeleton after exposure to radioactive sand. He’s not typically a member of the Creature Commandos, though he is on the team in the Flashpoint continuity.

Circe may be the most interesting of the bunch, as she hints at the potential of a wider DC Universe. She’s typically a Wonder Woman villain and a seemingly immortal sorceress. She’s also a recurring Supergirl foe, which is interesting given that character’s upcoming movie.

Rounding out the team are Nina Mazursky, a merwoman who also created the Creature Commandos in the New 52 continuity, and G.I. Robot, the name of a series of androids dating back to World War I intended to bolster frontline soldiers.

What is Creature Commandos Season 1 about?

Specific details about Creature Commandos Season 1 have yet to be revealed, but the team is typically a group of monsters either recruited or created to fight other monsters.

The first season was previewed at the Annecy Animation Festival, which offered no narrative details but did feature storyboards of Flag Sr. and Doctor Phosphorus arguing and a scene of G.I. Robot and Nina Mazursky bonding.

The first version of the team debuted in 1980’s Weird War Tales. The team is a superhuman military squad deployed during World War II to handle supernatural and scientific threats.

Weird War Tales #93 cover art
The original Creature Commandos fought monsters in World War II.

The original Creature Commandos consisted of werewolf Warren Griffith, vampire Sgt. Vincent Velcro, a Frankenstein’s monster pastiche named Pvt. Elliot “Lucky” Taylor, and a gorgon named Dr. Myrna Rhodes. The team was led by a human solder, Lt. Matthew Shrieve.

On their various adventures, the team would meet other miracles of science and magic who would join the team, including J.A.K.E. 2, aka G.I. Robot, and the immortal and inhumanly strong reporter Miss America.

Rather than being soldiers, modern interpretations of the Creature Commandos are Agents of S.H.A.D.E., or the Super Human Advanced Defense Executive, a government agency that recruits or creates monsters to hunt other supernatural entities.

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