DC’s Lanterns update overshadowed by James Gunn’s resurfaced remarks

Kayla Harrington
Hal Jordan as Green Lantern

James Gunn just gave DC fans an exciting update on the upcoming Green Lantern series, but it’s been overshadowed by the resurfacing of some past remarks.

The co-CEO of DC posted to Instagram to reveal the team behind the upcoming television series centered around the Green Lantern Corps would consist of Chris Mundy, Tom King, and Damon Lindelof.

The inclusion of Lindelof in particular caused a few eyebrow raises, as Gunn had some pretty harsh comments about the writer back in 2012.

“Lindelof is close to Satan in my book because of the end of Lost,” Gunn wrote in a Facebook comment. “He’s the Uri Gellar of storytellers, a total scam artist with no integrity whatsoever. And a liar.”

The comment was a response to his post talking about the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, which Lindelof co-wrote with Jon Spaihts.

Lindelof created Lost along with J. J. Abrams and Jeffrey Lieber, and acted as the series’ showrunner alongside Carlton Cuse until it ended in 2010.

While Lost won many awards over its six seasons, its series finale is seen as quite decisive as some audiences loved where the characters ended up and some were vocally angry that the ending didn’t give enough definitive questions the show set up for years.

From the 2012 comment, it seems like Gunn fell into the latter camp of Lost fans, but the harsh feelings are now water under the bridge more than a decade later as the two men are set to work together.

Lanterns is currently in production for Max and will act as another entry of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters in the DC Universe. 

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