Chainsaw Man: Who is Power?

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Chainsaw Man brings a whole host of new fun characters, one of which is Power – but who is she, and what’s her deal? Let us explain…

Chainsaw Man has been one of the most hyped-up anime in recent years, and it’s almost at the end of its first season, much to the sadness of fans.

The plot is described by Crunchyroll as: “Denji is a teenage boy living with a Chainsaw Devil named Pochita. Due to the debt his father left behind, he has been living a rock-bottom life while repaying his debt by harvesting devil corpses with Pochita. One day, Denji is betrayed and killed. As his consciousness fades, he makes a contract with Pochita and gets revived as ‘Chainsaw Man’– a man with a devil’s heart.”

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There are other devils in this world, one of which also begins working alongside Denji in Episode 2 – though not without issues. This devilish fiend is Power, who is one of the main characters of the manga and show. Here’s everything you need to know about her. But first,Warning: Chainsaw Man spoilers ahead…

Who is Power in Chainsaw Man?

Power is a Blood Devil, now a Blood Fiend, who is being forced to work as a Public Safety Devil Hunter, as a member of Makima’s specialized squad. She works alongside Denji, with the threat that they will both be killed should they no longer continue to work for Public Safety.

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For those who may be thrown by the first part of that paragraph, a Blood Fiend, or just a Fiend in general, is a form of devil who takes possession of a corpse in order to survive. In this case, Power, who is a Blood Devil, has possessed a young woman’s body. With it, she could fit into general society, were it not for her horns, fangs, and brash personality.

What is Power like?

Power is the brash one of the bunch in Chainsaw Man. Her demon ego has made her contemptuous towards humans, despite not being much better than them herself. She’s arrogant, immature, selfish, messy, smelly – she rarely showers or even wipes – and believes that others should clean up after her, or take the fall for her if she makes a mistake.

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However, she’s also a lot of fun to watch, as her delusional sense of self makes for a ton of comedic moments. She’s also great in action scenes, as she will often jump into battle without thinking, due to her love of violence and her confidence that she will always win. Power and Denji, AKA Chainsaw Man, end up in a lot of fights together, and it makes for many a great interaction.

What are Power’s abilities?

Fiends tend to have slightly weakened abilities than what they had in their devil form, but Power is still pretty, well… powerful.

Power has several advantages over regular human Devil Hunters, including, but currently not limited to, enhanced speed, smell, and healing – if she ingests blood she can heal from pretty much anything, though even if she did die, she would be reincarnated in hell, making her pretty much immortal.

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As for her more complicated abilities, since Power is a Blood Fiend, she is able to manipulate her body’s blood into weapons. Not only that, but her blood can be given to others to save their lives, and if she were to really push herself, she could control other people’s blood.

Like other Devil Hunters, she is also able to enter agreements with other people and demons, which allows abilities to be shared.

What is Power’s backstory?

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We’ll only go into what the anime has shown so far, as to avoid major spoilers.

Power, despite acting very obnoxiously, does have a heart, which is shown in the early episodes of the show. Mainly, that she has a heart for a pet cat, Meowy.

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Meowy was a cat that Power found while roaming the woods. And despite her thirst for blood – and initial plans to eat Meowy – Power became attached to the feline, and the two became companions. That was until the Bat Devil held Meowy hostage, stating that he wouldn’t let the cat go unless Power brought him a human to eat.

This led to Power initially betraying Denji, and she fed him to the Bat Devil. However, the devil planned on eating Meowy and Power anyway, until Denji, in his Chainsaw Man form, saved them all, which led to his relationship with Power improving. Now both of them, along with Meowy, live as roommates in Aki’s apartment.

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Chainsaw Man is available to stream on Crunchyroll now.