Will there be a Beverly Hills Cop 5? Here’s what Eddie Murphy’s saying

Chris Tilly
Eddie Murphy leaning through a car window in Beverly Hills Cop 4.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is now streaming on Netflix, so will it be followed by a Beverly Hills Cop 5? Here’s what we know, including quotes from star Eddie Murphy, and producer Jetty Bruckheimer.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 has been three decades in the making. The first film was a box office phenomenon in 1984, while a 1987 sequel was also a sizeable blockbuster.

But Beverly Hills Cop 3 – which hit screens in 1994 – was a critical and commercial disaster, effectively ending the franchise.

But Netflix has brought the series back from the dead, fast-tracking Beverly Hills Cop 4, and launching it direct-to-streaming today. Which upset some fans of the theatrical experience. So will they be making a fifth film? Here’s what we know…

Will there be a Beverly Hills Cop 5?

Beverly Hills Cop 5 is currently being developed, even through Netflix is yet to green-light any potential sequel.

Speaking at the LA premiere of Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, producer Jerry Bruckheimer told Variety: “We have a couple of stories in mind.”

While star Eddie Murphy said: “They’re developing it. If it comes together, we’ll be doing another one.”

Netflix declined to comment when asked about sequel prospects, with the streamer doubtless waiting to see how Axel F is received.

What could happen in a sequel to Axel F?

Beverly Hills Cop 5 could continue Axel Foley’s adventures in Los Angeles, or send him to another location, with London a distinct possibility.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 ends with the film’s villain defeated, so there’s no more plot to be explored there. While there’s no post-credit scene to set up a new storyline.

But previously proposed Beverly Hills Cop scripts have seen Axel investigating a case in London, as explored in a recent episode of the excellent ‘Best Movies Never Made‘ podcast.

Murphy pumped the breaks on those plans because he didn’t want to shoot a movie in the UK at the time. But if he and Bruckheimer are throwing around new ideas, they might also look to this old concept for inspiration.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is now available on Netflix. Find out what’s on the Beverly Hills Cop 4 soundtrack here, while you can can also check out new movies releasing this month, as well as upcoming streaming movies.