Ben Kingsley will return to the MCU in Wonder Man show

Josh Tyler
Ben Kingsley will re-appear as Trevor Slattery in the MCU.

The little-known, upcoming Wonder Man series will see Ben Kingsley make his third MCU appearance.

Of all the Phase 4 cameos, perhaps none was as shocking and delightful as Ben Kingsley returning as Trevor Slattery in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

The failed actor first appeared in Iron Man 3 as the figurehead for the organization, the Ten Rings. Of course, the Ten Rings were actually a real organization and its leader, Wenwu, wanted to exact revenge on this impostor.

He reappeared in Shang-Chi as a prisoner of Wenwu and the Ten Rings before being broken free and accompanying the heroes to Ta Lo. But it doesn’t look like Slattery’s time in the MCU is done yet.

Ben Kingsley rumored to appear in Wonder Man

Ben Kingsley will re-appear as Trevor Slattery in the MCU.
Ben Kingsley will re-appear as Trevor Slattery in the MCU.

According to a report by Variety, the acclaimed actor is set to make his third appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Wonder Man series.

Wonder Man, which will be produced by Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton, was announced in June and will follow the adventures of Simon Williams, the titular Wonder Man.

In the comics, Wonder Man has been an actor and stuntman which could be why Ben Kingsley is involved in the project.

With Slattery’s history as a failed actor and his status as a known criminal, Wonder Man – who is not always on the side of the Avengers in the comics – could serve as a rival or partner to the deposed, fraud Mandarin.

The series is said to be a “Hollywood satire”, which further supports this connection.

The extent of Kingsley’s involvement in Wonder Man is still unknown, as is the number of episodes that he might appear in. Wonder Man does not yet have a release window nor has it been given a space in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.