Mark Ruffalo walks back Hulk return after teasing Captain America: Brave New World cameo

Eleni Thomas
Sam Wilson holds the Captain America shieldMarvel

MCU actor Mark Ruffalo teased that he will appear in the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World film. Though mere hours after these comments caught wind, the comeback was swiftly shut down.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set for a huge shake-up this year, with Deadpool & Wolverine set to fully integrate the X-Men into the Disney universe. 

As well as this, some classic MCU characters are still set to stick around for the future despite many new characters being added to the lineup.

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One classic Marvel character who will seemingly still be around for said future is Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. Despite never getting a solo film, the Hulk has appeared throughout the MCU, with features in Thor: Ragnorok, She-Hulk, as well as the Avengers films, and plenty more.

On February 12 it was seemingly teased by Ruffalo himself that he would appear in the upcoming film, Captain America: Brave New World.

During an interview with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Mark Ruffalo appeared to let it slip that he is returning as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Captain America: Brave New World.

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When asked if fans should still hold out hope for a Hulk solo film, the actor was quick to respond. Stating, “I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but that’s not happening.” 

However, when the interviewer added that the actor still has the new Captain America to look forward to, Ruffalo joked, “Yeah. It’s gonna be great.”

Many took this as a sign the Hulk was set for an appearance in the upcoming Captain America film, adding further fuel to speculation that the Red Hulk might finally appear in the MCU. 

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While this theory is still yet to be confirmed, Marvel fans began speculating the appearance of Red Hulk after it was revealed that Harrison Ford had been cast as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. The Indiana Jones actor took over the role from William Hurt who died in 2022.

After all, a major plot in the comics centers on Ross’ transformation into Red Hulk, who then becomes a constant antagonist for the Hulk.

However, hours after the comments gained traction online, sources reached out to Variety to clear the air. Ruffalo allegedly misspoke, simply agreeing that the next Captain America is one of the next Marvel flicks, not that the Hulk will be making an appearance.

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We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest Marvel and MCU news as more is revealed in the coming weeks and months.

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