Fiona Harvey’s alleged victim “scared” after Piers Morgan interview

Daisy Phillipson
Piers Morgan and Fiona Harvey in The Real Martha Uncensored

Laura Wray, another alleged victim of Fiona Harvey’s, has said she’s been left feeling “scared” following the accused stalker’s interview with Piers Morgan. 

Last week, Harvey — who’s been accused of being the “real Martha” from Richard Gadd’s hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer — sat down with Piers for an explosive interview on his Uncensored chat show. 

It’s been difficult to see Harvey back in the spotlight for Wray, the wife of the late Glasgow MP Jimmy Wray. Back in the late ‘90s, the couple was allegedly harassed by Harvey, then known as Fiona Muir.

Wray claimed the issues started after giving Harvey a trial at her Glasgow law firm, only to fire her shortly after due to her behavior. 

Following Harvey’s Uncensored interview, Wray spoke with The Mirror, saying she hadn’t thought about the case for years until now.

“I had forgotten so much of it. Every time someone says a comment, it triggers it again,” she told the outlet. 

Richard Gadd as Donny and Jessica Gunning as Martha in Baby Reindeer

“Memories of things that she did. Some of her actions. It’s pretty distressing. Watching her last night [on Piers], how did I manage to cope with that for so long?

“My partner and I are concerned about what she might do next. Is she going to come after me? She is posting things on Facebook accusing me of all sorts, and of being abusive. You don’t know where it will end.”

Elaborating further on her ordeal, Wray said, “She made some bizarre allegation that I was in my car driving and somehow managed to hit my son who was sitting in the back of the car in the child seat. 

“Eventually it was all dropped but that’s when I went for an interim injunction. Thankfully, it worked. She didn’t defend it. We never heard any more from her.”

What’s been most shocking for Wray is an issue that’s been raised by many: the fact that the Netflix series “didn’t attempt to hide the stalker’s identity.”

“Even if she wasn’t mentally ill, if you are doing a show billed as a true story where the people are still alive and might be harmed, there is a duty of care. But she seems obviously so mentally ill. They haven’t done enough to protect her,” Wray continued. 

“The only thing they changed about her was her name. The lady Jessica [Gunning] who played Martha was excellent… she sounds like her, she looks like her. 

“I mean, she had the same laugh, even the same slightly kind of funny waddling walk. Even when I briefly employed her, she would do the same sort of things.”

The solicitor also shared a call to action to Fiona Harvey’s friends, stating, “If she does have any friends, surely they should be trying to help her and calm things down. 

“But she doesn’t want to calm things down. Part of her is really enjoying this. She even had a ­makeover for Piers Morgan.”

Wray’s comments have sparked a strong reaction online, with commenters adding to the ongoing Baby Reindeer debate

“This is all getting quite out of hand now, and I think it’s just a matter of time before someone (likely her) gets hurt,” said one on Reddit

“It all seems like a lot of absolutely the worst things you could do to encourage a delusional stalker,” commented another, although a third countered, “But what’s the alternative? Victims of dangerous individuals can’t tell their stories or make art from their experiences?”

One person linked to an article that said “sleuths” tracked Fiona Harvey down, adding, “But if she self-identified first, there’s a much weaker case for defamation. Recognizing yourself doesn’t really count.”

Another said, “She’s a walking example of a broken mental health system. That’s where the outrage should be. That said, hard to have sympathy for her given the bile she spews online.”

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