5 reasons why Ms Marvel will be this generation’s defining MCU superhero

Kamala Khan as Ms MarvelMarvel

With Ms. Marvel getting her own highly-anticipated Disney+ series, we’re delving into the reasons why she’s destined to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most important superhero.

Kamala Khan first appeared in Captain Marvel in 2013, before going on to headline her own comic book series as Ms. Marvel in 2014. In just six years, she’s become the comic book world’s most exciting new hero, appearing everywhere from the animated series Marvel Rising to the recent Avengers video game.

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Now, she’s getting her own Disney+ series in 2021, with newcomer Iman Vellani taking on the lead role. It joins a lineup of promising Marvel shows coming to the streaming service including She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Loki and Hawkeye – but we believe Ms. Marvel is the most important series on the list.

Ms MarvelMarvel
Ms. Marvel is expected to hit Disney+ in 2021

With production on the show well underway, we’ve listed five reasons why Khan’s live-action debut will be a game-changer for the superhero genre, and turn her into an icon for a new generation of Marvel fans.

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She’s the first Muslim superhero in the MCU

While Marvel’s comics have long been a place for inclusivity and representation, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has faced ongoing criticism for its lack of diversity. It took 21 MCU movies before a female superhero – Captain Marvel – was given the chance to lead her own adventure on the big screen.

Some would argue that the race or religion of a superhero shouldn’t matter, and in an ideal world that would be true. But when the majority of superheroes in cinema are straight, white and male, it’s clearly an area that needs some work. After all, everyone deserves to see themselves kicking butt on screen.

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The Ms. Marvel comics present Khan’s identity as a Pakistani-American Muslim as a core part of her character, but don’t make it the reason for her whole existence; she’s a complete individual. We’re sure the Disney+ series will stay true to that vision.

She could lead the Young Avengers to victory

With rumors of a Young Avengers movie in the works at Marvel, fans have been busy speculating which superheroes could be part of that team. So far, we know Kate Bishop will appear in Hawkeye, and it’s rumored that Speed and Wiccan will be the twin babies featured in WandaVision. That’s three members already.

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Ms. Marvel could join Kate Bishop in the Young Avengers

Well, you can probably add Khan’s Ms. Marvel to that list; she became a member of The Avengers in the comics, but there’s no reason she can’t become part of the Young Avengers in the MCU. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her lead the pack as a founding member, especially if her Disney+ series performs well.

She’s the modern-day Peter Parker

Spider-Man is one of the most beloved characters in Marvel’s roster, largely due to his relatability factor. He juggles his crime-fighting side hustle with family life, relationships and school, and always retains that youthful naivety and positive outlook that makes him so endearing.

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Khan has been described by fans as a ‘modern-day Peter Parker’ as she has many of the same qualities and dilemmas as the web-slinger’s alter ego, having to choose between her superhero duties and her personal life. She’s also got a great cast of supporting family and friends, who make her story even more engaging.

She represents a new generation of fans

While the big players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, have entertained us for years, it’s safe to say they don’t reflect many viewers sat at home or in the theater. And that’s fine – superheroes arguably exist primarily for escapism.

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Kamala Khan is Ms MarvelMarvel
Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel will speak to a new generation of Marvel fans

But when so many children and teenagers grow up idolizing superheroes, it’s important that they’re able to see themselves in those characters, and Khan is one of the most relatable heroes Marvel has to offer.

She’s young, she makes mistakes, and she has faith in her generation, unlike some of the more weathered heroes that came before her.

Like the rest of us, she’s a pop culture fangirl

One of the most endearing qualities of Khan is that she’s obsessed with superheroes and pop culture. She idolizes Carol Danvers, dresses up as her (like many fans do at comic conventions), and even ends up taking the Ms. Marvel mantle from her.

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In a lot of ways, Khan’s Ms. Marvel represents the dream many superhero fans had while growing up, and that’s a fantasy we can all get lost in – even as adults.

With filming currently underway, we can’t wait to see the show hit Disney+ in 2021.

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