Homeowner disgusted by plant growing through wall as internet warns of risks

Meera Jacka
ivy growing through wall

A homeowner was left disgusted after discovering a plant had grown through her wall… and the internet is convinced it means her house is under threat.

Olivia, who goes by ‘oliviaaa1017‘ on TikTok, was “minding [her] own business” while cleaning her house when she made the discovery behind her TV cabinet.

Growing from the wall was a plant, which appeared to be an ivy of some sort. Left shocked and grossed out, Olivia took to TikTok to ask viewers what to do about the unexpected problem.

Admitting in the comments that she had “pulled it out” as Olivia didn’t think she’d be able to “sleep tonight knowing it’s there,” the comments quickly warned of a bigger problem.

“I’d say, by the mold visible, you have a moisture problem. Have an inspector look around [your] foundation where it meets the walls,” one person wrote, with many agreeing that water damage may be the likely culprit.

Not only this, but others pointed out that the plant appeared to be an invasive one that could go on to cause further problems for Olivia’s house; “It looks like some kind of ivy, which are super invasive and can grow through houses. Their roots are insane and the plant will come back again and again.”

“It can literally destroy your house,” a user pointed out, with another agreeing that “the roots themselves could be damaging as they grow.”

In a follow-up video, Olivia thanked the mass of comments telling her that she was “basically f*****” and revealed she had discovered three holes in her wall and a potential new root after ripping out the plant.

“I went outside of my house to go look… my wall [is] just covered in ivy,” Olivia said, believing the plant had made its way inside via a small hole made for the TV cable. “I have an inspector coming out on Monday and now I’m terrified that my house has mold or a greenhouse living behind my wall.”

Lucky for Olivia, a third update confirmed her house didn’t have a mold problem, with the inspector instead instructing her and her husband to remove all ivy attached to their house.

“Basically everybody who said ivy is super invasive — yes it is… it got under our siding down at the slab and was able to push through our baseboard,” she said, adding that the end solution was “so much easier” than Olivia had anticipated.

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