Homeowner calls police after finding mysterious floor stain during repair

Molly Byrne
tiktoker finds stain on floor

A new homeowner was concerned after finding a mysterious stain during floor repairs and called the local police to determine what it was.

TikToker and new homeowner Audrey was shocked when she began her home repairs after buying her house.

“We just bought a home and I think somebody might have been shhh-murdered in it,” she said in her viral TikTok.

She went on to explain that there was a leak in her laundry room, so she had to rip up the flooring to replace it.

“What is this? There is literal footprints,” she said as she took a tour of the floor that had red stains all over it.

“Somebody tell me that I’m overreacting… and that that’s paint. Even though I’m pretty sure it’s not paint,” she said while insinuating that it was blood.

Audrey grew even more concerned when she lifted the tiles further and saw that the red liquid had stained underneath each layer. 

The TikToker was so shocked that she called her local police station to settle the situation. An investigation was then launched where authorities took photos of the red matter. They also tested the liquid and determined that it was not human blood.

Police then spoke with Newsweek and made a statement: “We sent a detective out to the scene to investigate further. He determined the stains not to be blood. It appears as though the stains were a paint-like substance.”

In a follow-up video, Audrey addressed those who would have liked to see the story unravel into a crime scene fiasco, “I would hate to know that somebody passed away in my house.”

She added that she was thankful nobody was murdered in her new home and that she did not have to leave, as she had just moved everything inside.

Though alarming, finding eerie things during renovations or home tours is not uncommon. In June, another TikToker shared how they found an apartment built into an old YMCA pool

The TikToker couldn’t decide if it was the “coolest thing ever” or if it was “really weird.” However, they continued to search for apartments, indicating that having a pool as a living room wasn’t their style.