Who are Ayame and Yuval on TikTok? Viral love triangle explained

Molly Byrne
ayame and yuval TikTok love story

Can Ayame and Yuval really pull off the ultimate ending to their viral love story?

What began as a playful game on TikTok ended up as a viral love triangle between three content creators.

It all started in December 2023 when UK-based influencer Ayame Ponder, who has over 3M TikTok followers, posted a video asking viewers to “guess where I am.”

That’s when TikToker Yuval Ben-Hayon posted a video a month later successfully identifying Ayame’s whereabouts without having much details to go off of.

Yuval was able to find out where she was based on multiple factors, such as the dishware her room service used and the headboard of the bed in her hotel room.

Ayame initially saw Yuval’s stitched TikTok where he figured out where she was after her former boyfriend saw it and feared she was being stalked.

She, too, was concerned for her safety until she did a “deep dive” into Yuval, who has almost 3M TikTok followers. After she discovered that this was his shtick, she calmed down, and their game of ‘catch me if you can’ began.

In March, Ayame decided to challenge Yuval to find out what hotel she was staying in during her travels. “Try and find me… find me if you’d like,” she said in her viral TikTok.

And that’s exactly what Yuval did, as he followed up with a TikTok of himself searching for the unique breakfast menu she ordered from to determine her whereabouts. At the end of his video, he cheekily joked, “I’m glad you decided to post until after you left this time.”

“Something tells me he’s flirting with me,” Ayame later captioned in her response video before she posted another ‘come and find me’ TikTok.

“You don’t gotta ask me more than once,” Yuval confidently exclaimed in his response, where he again figured out where she was with little information. “At this point, it’s just flirting,” a viewer commented.

Another viewer agreed, “Yuval, she doesn’t want you to find her, she wants you to go and ‘find’ her! Even I realize that!”

However, after she shared a TikTok of herself with content creator Oliver Mills, fans of their story began to question Ayame’s intentions with Yuval, who she is supposed to meet in person for the first time on June 21.

In Ayame’s TikTok with Oliver, she captioned it “hard launch coming soon” as she ran her hand through his hair.

Oliver then inserted himself into their game after someone commented asking where Yuval was. He posted a TikTok expressing his love for Ayame and asked her if she felt something too in their “tangible” connection.

Many fans commented on Oliver’s admission by saying that Yuval had won by a landslide, even if Ayame doesn’t actually decide to date him in the end.

What’s more, Yuval even found out Oliver’s address and sent him a package after he sensed “animosity” between the two.

Though Ayame sparked relationship rumors with Oliver after her “hard launch” post, she shared a TikTok on June 19 where she said to Yuval, “I hope you haven’t forgotten about me.”

Yuval stars on Ayame’s podcast 

After Ayame and Yuval went viral on TikTok, the two met in person. He even joined her on her podcast ‘In Ayame We Trust’ where he revealed that he likes finding her because she’s “pretty.”

The episode, which was released on June 27, also showed Yuval answering Ayame’s question about how he felt about her being with Oliver. Though he said it made him “angry,” he stayed rather quiet about the rest of his feelings, saying he didn’t want to reveal everything in front of the cameras.

Her podcast features anonymous submissions made by listeners who want to hear advice for the questions in their lives. She also hosts segments related to what she has on her mind as well – but this time would be different, as millions of fans were curious about how the two would interact in person.

After watching clips from their segment, their fans were quick to notice how giddy Ayame was while talking with Yuval. One commented, “The joy radiating off of her is infectious. Like, she’s glowing. I’m chessing.” Others agreed that their chemistry was unmatched and that they should definitely “get married.”