TikTokers unite to make chocolate-covered strawberries TikTok’s most-liked video

Alice Sjöberg
Chocolate-covered strawberries and Bella Poarch

A video of a bowl of chocolate-covered strawberries has gone mega-viral on TikTok with millions of likes and views. TikTok users are now trying to make it the most-liked video on the platform.

Video-sharing app TikTok has exploded in popularity since launching in 2017, with millions of users flocking to the platform to take part in the latest trends that are sweeping the internet.

For years, Bella Poarch‘s video of her lipsyncing to the Millie B song “M to the B” has been the most-liked video on TikTok, and has gained over 63.5 million likes since it was published in 2020.

However, will 2024 be the year she knocked down to second place? TikTokers across the world seem to think so as they push to make a video of chocolate-covered strawberries TikTok’s most-liked video.

TikTokers want chocolate-covered strawberries to become TikTok’s most-liked video

A video published by TikTok users pr4yforgabs has received significant attention after publishing a video consisting of a 15-second clip of zooms on a bowl of chocolate-covered strawberries soundtracked by Bobby Caldwell’s 1978 hit ‘What You Won’t Do for Love’.

Despite the seemingly nonchalant video, it has been viewed over 358.6 million times on TikTok and also has more than 44.3 million likes, making it the sixth most-liked video on the platform just a month after it was published.

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Due to the surprising success of the video, TikTok users all across the globe are uniting to try to make it the most-liked video on TikTok and knock Bella Poarch off the first-place spot.

Many people on TikTok are campaigning for the strawberries to beat Poarch’s video and has also been boosted by top TikTok creators such as Noah Glenn Carter.

People are also taking to the comments on the strawberry video to make it reach even more viewers. There are over 649,000 comments, and most of them mention wanting it to become more liked than Bella Poarch’s video.

One person tried to get more engagement by writing: “B00ST so this beats bella poarch! What yall‘s fav drink?” while other users simply added the current stats of the video and how many likes it has on a specific day and compared it to Bella Poarch’s video in the comments to help the engagement.

However, not all users can’t seem to wrap their heads around the popularity of the video. One person said: “why did you get 14.4M likes on STRAWBERRY WITH CHOCOLATE ?????”

“19.7M LIKES FOR STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE IS CRAZY,” a second person commented on February 17.

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