TikToker goes viral for looking exactly like Logan Paul and even Jake Paul responded

Jessica Filby
Logan paul and his lookalike

The world is filled with celebrity lookalikes but Rodney Petersen seems to take this to a whole new level with his striking resemblance to YouTuber and WWE wrestler, Logan Paul.

One man on TikTok seems to take the title for best celebrity lookalike after viewers marvel at the similarities between Tiktoker Rodney Petersen and wrestler Logan Paul. In fact, in one viral video, Logan’s bother Jake Paul has even commented on the resemblance, asking why Logan hasn’t “texted me back”.

The beginning of Petersen’s TikTok account proves he never intended to be known as a Logan Paul lookalike but has embraced the popularity. His more recent videos show him replying to Jake Paul and shutting down other TikTokers who try and offend Logan or Jake Paul.

One particular video that went viral was Petersen responding to the comment made by Jake Paul, stating “dude you know why I’m not texting you back” and going on to say: “Besides, you’ve got this fight coming up and you’re busy.” It may not be the brotherly love we see between the Paul brothers but it did send the TikTok comments into a spiral.

One commenter explained they “legit didn’t know this wasn’t logan till I looked at the account” which is undeniably a mistake many will make when seeing how similar these two really look. Others took to the comments to joke about Petersen being the Pauls’ ‘Lost twin’ or the third Paul brother, and taking a look at the similarities – you can see why.

The popularity Rodney Petersen has received was not taken for granted. In a later post, he was seen thanking the viewers for their engagement. He also acknowledged the fact that he’s had Jake Paul messaging him and more people asking him for a collaboration. However, he goes on to explain that he’s “just trying to spread positivity on this app,” rather than only being known as the Logan Paul lookalike.

Needless to say, even with the positivity he’s spreading, the resemblance is uncanny.