TikToker claims Try Guys SNL skit writer is Ned Fulmer’s college friend

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A TikToker discovered evidence Ned potentially influenced the Try Guys SNL skit writing in order to portray himself in a better angle, an act that backfired on the newly fired member.

On October 8, SNL released a skit portraying the famous Try Guys in a video framed as an episode of CNN Today. The video satirized the Try Guys firing Ned for cheating on his wife, an incident the Try Guys shared their original video: “What Happened.”

The video has since gone viral, with over a million views online within 24 hours. Many of the community criticized the video’s writing, which may have been tampered with by Ned.

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TikToker emjineering shared a video where she speculates ex-Try Guys member Ned had a big influence on the skit’s writing, further sparking the controversy surrounding the skit.

TikToker speculates Ned influenced the script

The video began with the fan introducing the four writers behind the Try Guys SNL: Will Stephen, Bowen Yang, Celeste Yim, and Gary Richardson.

She then pulled up a clip where Ned briefly discussed his connection in SNL, “I’ve got a newborn baby and he’s a writer from SNL.” The TikToker then presented more evidence connecting Ned to the script.

According to the TikToker, who sourced her information from their official LinkedIn profiles, “Ned attended Yale from 2005 to 2009, whereas Will Stephen attended Yale University from 2007 to 2011.”

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This insinuates Will Stephen, one of the writers who wrote specifically for Try Guys SNL, and Ned may know each other, and that Ned may have influenced the script heavily. This would explain the skit’s characterization of Ned.

Many TikTokers agreed with the evidence, and commented their own thoughts regarding the situation.

“That skit backfired and I am happy about it,” one user stated.

Another chimed in, “you’re telling me it took 4 people to write THAT,” criticizing the poor writing.

Try Guys SNL TikTokTikTok: emjineering

It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Ned really did influence the Try Guys SNL skit – but the video’s reception definitely hasn’t panned out well for the ex-member.

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