TikTok users called “stalkers” in new trend of taking sneaky photos of their crush

Alice Sjöberg
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A new trend is making the rounds on TikTok, but it’s leaving some viewers uncomfortable as the creators are being compared to “stalkers”.

Most trends on TikTok can be described as light-hearted, such as viral dances or filter trends. However, sometimes the trend takes a dark turn, which is the case for the currently viral “Are you into me like I’m into you” trend.

The trend sees the creators first showing themselves, usually lipsyncing to the accompanying song, which goes: “are you into me, like I’m into you?”

The video then cuts to either a photo or a video of another person which appears to be taken without their knowledge.

Viewers have expressed their concerns with the trend in the comments of the videos, with some even explaining feeling “creeped out” after seeing themselves in one of the videos.

One user shared: “I just got this done to me from some random girl in school one of me midair biking and one of me in school and it was off my face like right in front of me, idk how they have done that.”

Another person wrote: “It’s bad when being a real-life stalking becomes a trend.”

“This would definitely be on Joe Goldberg‘s fyp,” a third person commented.

Although it’s not illegal to take a photo or video of someone in a public place where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. However, if someone is consistently photographing you when you are in public against your will, it may be considered harassment or stalking.

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