You Season 5: Everything we know – cast, plot and more

Joe Goldberg will return in You Season 5Netflix

Here’s everything we know about You Season 5, from any release date updates to its trailer, cast, plot, and more.

Hello, You. After taking the world by storm since its 2018 release, You, the Netflix show that is based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes, has been getting bigger and bigger with every season.

Season 4 Part 1 flipped the script, as not only was Joe not the main killer this season, he also had a stalker of his own. However, Part 2 has proceeded to even flip those aspects on their head.

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But now with the fourth season ending in such a shocking way, what direction will the series take? Will there be a Season 5, and what could even happen in it?

Will there be a You Season 5?

Yes! You has been renewed for a fifth and final season and it will hit Netflix in 2024.

The show’s renewal was announced today, March 24, with executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter saying they “always conceived it as a five-season journey.”

However, showrunner Sera Gamble is stepping down for the fifth season. “As I step back from day-to-day showrunning to focus on new projects, I’m immensely grateful to co-creator and all-around genius Greg Berlanti, Caroline Kepnes, my friends at Berlanti Productions and Alloy Entertainment, and our steadfast partners at Warner Bros and Netflix,” she told Netflix.

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“Making the show alongside our writers, producers, directors, cast and crew has been an honor and ridiculously fun. And I feel lucky to have worked with an artist as gifted and thoughtful as Penn Badgely.

“I’m proud of what we’ve all accomplished and feel privileged to pass the torch. I’m excited to watch and support the You team as they bring Joe Goldberg’s journey to its delightfully twisted conclusion.”

Is there a You Season 5 release date?

As of writing, there is no exact release date for You Season 5, as the season has only just been announced.

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However, as we have been given the year 2024, this means that we don’t have to wait too long to see the conclusion to Joe’s killer tale.

You Season 5 trailer: Is there a trailer?

There is currently a teaser trailer for the final season, which you can watch below:

There is no new promotional footage in the teaser, but instead we get an ominous repetition of “Hello, You” until the trailer finally says, “Goodbye, You,” in Joe’s iconic inner monologue.

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You Season 5 cast: Who is starring next season?

Currently, we only have two actors that we can definitely expect to return for Season 5. These actors are Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, and Charlotte Ritchie as Kate Lockwood/Galvin.

Usually Joe is surrounded by a bunch of new faces every season, meaning we’ll likely get a whole new cast. But considering that this is also the final season, we may just see some returning faces too.

You Season 5 plot: What will happen next season?

You Season 4 ended with Joe back in New York, meaning that everything has the potential to come full circle. Gamble told The Cut, “We always knew we wanted him to go back to New York, have a homecoming, have his real name, shave his beard, and look like Joe Classic, but that he would be much more in the category of people he used to watch from afar. Now he has near unlimited resources. He has the support of powerful people and he has a lot less ambivalence about what he does in private. So, that’s the setup.”

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We could see a variety of cast members return, from Beck’s old friends, to his past neighbor Paco, or other characters like Ellie – who was originally planned to come back in Season 4 – Marienne, and even Nadia, though she is stuck in prison right now.

In a Hollywood Reporter interview, Penn Badgley explained that the future of You will focus on his ascent into power, and whether or not he will receive any justice: “I think he actually can go to a new place and, if and when it happens, it’ll probably be this spectacular resolution that everybody’s hoping it could be, because now he has further to fall. He has power and the stakes are high. He’s not just some guy anymore.”

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The actor also spoke on Joe’s newest obsession Kate, saying that “she’s the last meaningful relationship he’ll be in. I don’t think there’s another one coming down the pike…Yeah, I think she’s his endgame.”

Kate seems to have accepted Joe for who he truly is, which will make for an interesting dynamic in the future of the show. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out, if it ever does.

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We will update this article as more information comes out.

You Season 4 is currently available to watch on Netflix.

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