TikTok teens go viral fixing damaged wall after party at parents’ house

Sam Comrie
an image of tiktok user @xanderc38

A group of TikTok teens have gone viral after their wild party took an unexpected turn, banding together to repair their friend’s home.

We’ve all attended some memorable house parties in our time and nursed some equally noteworthy headaches in the morning. Though TikToker @xanderc38’s party was a small get-together, it didn’t stop their antics from reaching great heights.

With their parents out of town for the weekend, the TikToker found themselves in a pinch, as they had caused seemingly irreparable damage to their parents home while partying.

Now, @xanderc38 and friends have gone viral on TikTok for going the extra mile to repair the damage.

TikTok party goers praised for repairing parents damaged home

On August 17, TikToker @xanderc38 uploaded a TikTok video that captured the antics of a chaotic house party. Beginning with the caption “when your friend throws a party while his parents are out of town”, the camera quickly shows a severely damaged dry-wall, as a result of their partying.

The remnants of the wall had made their way outside onto the lawn too, while Xander’s friend exclaimed “oh sh*t! oh sh*t!” as the situation escalated.

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However, hope wasn’t lost for these party animals. Rather than let the damage go amiss until the TikToker’s friends parent returned, the group banded together to make it right.

Armed with an assortment of tools and the power of friendship, the group make quick work of replacing the damaged dry-wall.

Their actions have been praised by TikTok users, with TikToker’s such as @queensh*t01 saying “no WAY this is so impressive.”

Another claimed they’d be happy with this outcome: “if my kid did this then fixed his mistake I wouldn’t even be mad.”

TikTok user @RookieRebuilds said “honestly y’all made a mistake but you maned up and fixed it. I’d be a proud parent.”

Since Xander uploaded the video, it has been viewed over 8 million times.

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